Religious Leaders Join Together After Newtown Shootings

People turn to their faith, religious leaders to help ease pain of shootings.
5:38 | 12/17/12

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Transcript for Religious Leaders Join Together After Newtown Shootings
As you might imagine the shattered community has been turning to their religious leaders for comfort and -- -- short struggle to understand. What has happened here and start the healing process I'm joined -- -- three of those. The leaders of reverend Mac reverend and you can congregation church rabbi shall proper of congregation I got Israel and -- Rick Keller. The church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints thank you all for joining us and -- let me begin. Who knew I was struck by your opening words at the interfaith service last night. When he told everyone not only here and you come across the country we needed this -- and yes. I think it was clear to us as clergy is -- -- its clears -- I think of all our traditions that of the importance of gathering together. Degrees. And that there is. -- there is that needed connection with other people. Who are in the midst of trying to come to terms with things that are. Nearly impossible to come to terms with a. And then we could feel the pain. In that room last night we actually heard the sobs. Over the cameras and rabbi and I know you've -- do. Deal directly with the family who lost a little boy no Posner. In the first grade and you have a very. Striking phrase to describe what she tried to bring. To the family's spiritual morphine. Well there is paying everybody in this pain in the soul and this is really painful. Families just don't know what to do -- themselves. You know. They -- what can you possibly tell them what did you tell. We'll first have to see what resonates for the person. They're ready is different and the process they didn't appreciate the theological. Understanding of it and basically what I asked. -- was -- where it is your six year old varying. And she's forty what do you mean. So I said did your six year old -- She said knows it's within me and just you know -- -- I grew up. And so nature's shows us this pattern of things contained within things. And that there's a small picture and -- that small picture fits into a bigger picture and that -- and unlike the Russian -- else that brought some comfort. To her head and and he had that was something that's can hold onto. That it was logical to. And bishop we have all been so impressed. By your congressman -- Parker who lost his daughter Emily. Coming out and speaking about her and celebrating the love she brought him and -- they shared together. You know Romney is. He is just naturally that way he's kind he's generous he lives his faith. With his family -- -- the teachings of Jesus Christ -- I think that is what. Has allowed him to really. And show his love not only for scrambling for those around. Finds great comfort strength and even reaching out. Eminem has been the hardest thing in the world reaching out to the family. Of the shooter. You know I think he's in a place where he knows that if -- allows. Hate to -- his heart. There's no room for light for long for can. I know that is the admirable thing how -- a -- not hate. In a moment it's. Well I think. Each family each parent each individual is gonna respond in the midst of their grief differently. I think we have to allow people to feel their anger. And not to kind of just say no you can't feel that experience that. I think we do under heard them with for us as Christians. The teachings of Jesus Christ about how we do love our enemies how we love those even those who. Persecuted us you know and yet even as he might hold those words we don't necessarily say and that is immediately how you're going to respond or even. They knew that that putting together may take you know a lifetime for some people so I think we. We don't just impose that on the grief process but there are folks that experiencing that I think -- -- testimony of of -- spirit folks that that they can do that doesn't mean that everybody is able to do that in a moment you allow you that grief to take. And I could imagine the opposite -- I can imagine a parent looking at this and saying. There is no way of good and loving god. Could allow this therefore god must not exist -- used to deal with the families struggling with their -- This is not an act of god this is an act a crazed man. And we have free will and if we have pretty well there's. Going to be the freedom to act badly. I heard last night through some forensic grew up would be killer Adam. That. He was bullied in school. A great -- And that doesn't excuse him but I'm just talking -- -- I do lots of about the culture of peace and -- classrooms. And I just bring that out there that there is a -- certain pathway in the way a person got so twisted. Doesn't excuse their their crimes. But when he took about two. We need to look at that we need to struggle for solutions together as a community -- -- says such a fine example. Last night -- that interfaith service thank you very much for that.

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{"id":17997804,"title":"Religious Leaders Join Together After Newtown Shootings","duration":"5:38","description":"People turn to their faith, religious leaders to help ease pain of shootings.","url":"/GMA/video/newtown-connecticut-school-shooting-religious-leaders-join-17997804","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}