Bride Shares Details of Nightmare Wedding

Ravayna Coe reveals everything that went wrong at her New Orleans wedding.
2:39 | 01/18/13

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Transcript for Bride Shares Details of Nightmare Wedding
Now, to a real-life wedding nightmare. It's almost what we saw on "bridesmaids" and "wedding crashers." The couple is from new orleans. Reporter: You're in the middle of planning your own wedding right now, cover your eyes. Oh. From soaking wet ceremonies, to photo shoot fails. Mishaps happen more often than you might think. She was the kind of bride that prided herself on the details. In general, I'm just a bit of a perfectionist. Reporter: Which made what happened three days before her wedding last october, just a little bit more challenging. You arrive in new orleans. You get to the hotel. What do you see? There's no lawn. And there's no bushes. And they told us they would be happy to put down a green carpet. Reporter: The kitchen, closed for renovation. The flowers came in from the floral company. And about one-third of them were completely dead. It was not a good day. Reporter: This is when the day goes from bad, to worse, to surreal. The three-piece suit arrives three sizes too big. And the night before the big say, ravayna hit her head on a door. When she awoke on her wedding day, it was clear, beautiful and steaming hot. I wore a gown that was a lot of gown. Reporter: Which looked stunning. Until they started taking photos. I said, david, I'm going to pass out. They unzipped my dress and put ice packs. It's 15 minutes before my wedding. And I'm trying not to faint. Reporter: Diane valentine, celeb wedding planner and host of "i do over" has seen it all. Women say they want the enormous heels on their wedding day. It's a don't. You have to wear that all day and all night. Reporter: Diane's top tip is, remain calm. For a bride, I try to tell them, is remember what is most important. The day is about love. Reporter: While ravayna and david didn't have a wedding planner like diana to save them, they did have each other. It's one day. And this is the rest of our lives. So, in the grand scale of things, what are you going to do? Impossible day to forget. That story and more on "20/20" wedding confidential.

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{"id":18247388,"title":"Bride Shares Details of Nightmare Wedding","duration":"2:39","description":"Ravayna Coe reveals everything that went wrong at her New Orleans wedding.","url":"/GMA/video/nightmare-wedding-stories-bride-shares-details-frustrating-big-18247388","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}