North Korea Aggression Delays Pentagon Missile Test

Kim Jong Un's own potential missile launch puts America, South Korea on edge.
3:29 | 04/07/13

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Transcript for North Korea Aggression Delays Pentagon Missile Test
magazine. Thank you, linsey. South korea is saying that the north is just days away from a provocative missile test. Abc's bob woodruff is covering it all from south korea this thorng mp bob? Reporter: Good morning, dan. You know, we're only about 30 miles north of seoul here, as far as we can go, because this is the edge of the dmz, north korea is only three miles that way. Of course, along this border, tourists can take a glimpse of north korea across the river, but no signs that the conflict is calming down. In fact, the president's office in south korea issued a statement saying they're preparing for additional provocations. Although there's no indication if or when a launchld happen, the south korean military is looking at wednesday or later. With this worsening tension, the top military officer today canceled his scheduled trip to washington next week to meet with martin dempsey, too far to go at a risky time. North korean's leader kim jong-un demandd that president obama call him to soften the conflict, the same request that he made through dennis rodman when he visited him last month. The u.S. Hasn't been able to track down two missiles that were transported by train to the coast last is tuesday. The satellites can't find them. This is making the administration very nervous. We know that there are two out there. They can be launch at any time. Reporter: You can imagine just how strict these rules have been to keep anybody from passing through, not only did they have these barricades, these barrels with spikes on them, but also these barbed wires that go from here all of the way down to seoul. Bob, thank you. Some challenges for the white house. Let's bring in george stephanopoulos host of abc's "this week." Good morning, guys. At this point, the white house has a really tough challenge. On one hand, they need to look tough. On the other hand, they're looking at a young dictator. No one knows what's going on in the mind of kim jong-un. They have to push back against his procases. At the same time, not to provoke an unintended attack. Very difficult for the united states to deal with that. Back here at home the president expected to propose his budget wednesday. It's expected to include kutsz for medicare and social security. That's not sitting well with many democrats. The president and the white house are trying to say that they're willing to go the extra mile to compromise with the republicans. It's already been dismissed by the house speaker john boehner, the real target is the senate democrats that seem more open. Trying to get something started. But the odds are still very long. All right, george, great to see you. Lot to talk about when george sits down with white house senior adviser dan pfeiffer. To nelson mandela, waking up in his own home this morning

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{"id":18899876,"title":"North Korea Aggression Delays Pentagon Missile Test","duration":"3:29","description":"Kim Jong Un's own potential missile launch puts America, South Korea on edge.","url":"/GMA/video/north-korea-aggression-delays-pentagon-missile-test-18899876","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}