North Korea Angry About US Sanctions Over Sony Hack

North Korea again denied involvement in the hack.
1:38 | 01/04/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for North Korea Angry About US Sanctions Over Sony Hack
North Korea is reacting angrily to new American sanctions. The white house taking punitive measures after that cyberattack on Sony pictures allegedly orchestrated by North Korea in retaliation for this, the movie "The interview." The north Koreans have released this new video of their quote/unquote supreme leader Kim jong-un visiting an orphanage. At one point he is oddly seen smoking a cigarette. Let's bring in ABC's Martha Raddatz who is in Washington. Martha, let's start with had angry new rhetoric from north Korea. What are they saying and is the white house running some risk of escalation with new sanctions? Reporter: No surprise. North Korea denied any role in the hacking and accused the U.S. Of groundlessly stirring up bad blood and showing what they call an invest rat repug Nancy and hostility towards the north. But the spokesman from north Korea says this will only harden its resolution to defend the sovereignty of the country. The reaction is fairly muted and somewhat familiar so so far the tension has not been raised too far. Are these sanctions likely to do much damage to the north Koreans given how isolated they relationship will. We don't think any people involved in this round of sanctions have anything to do with cyberattacks and know there have been all kinds of sanctions on North Korea. This is just one more round and the U.S. Wants to be careful not to cause pain to the north Korean people already suffering so much. The white house has made it clear this is just the first round of payback for the cyberattacks so we'll have to wait and see. Maybe they'll get Kim jong-un to stop smoking in orangeages but -- Good luck. We appreciate that and say Martha Raddatz will have much

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{"duration":"1:38","description":"North Korea again denied involvement in the hack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27988640","title":"North Korea Angry About US Sanctions Over Sony Hack","url":"/GMA/video/north-korea-angry-us-sanctions-sony-hack-27988640"}