North Korea fires missile over Japanese airspace

The intermediate-range ballistic missile passed over Japan 10 minutes after it was launched from North Korea.
4:19 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for North Korea fires missile over Japanese airspace
for the second time in a month and now an emergency U.N. Meeting has been called and Martha Raddatz has the latest. Reporter: Good morning. It is clear this morning that neither condemnation, threats of force or sanctions are stopping Kim Jong-un in his quest to perfect a nuclear missile program. Alarms blaring in Japan. As North Korea launched yet another missile over Japanese territory. For the second time in a month. Another extreme provocation by north Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. The intermediate range ballistic missile launched from the north Korean capital of Pyongyang, passing over Japan just ten minutes later landing over 1,200 miles off the coast of the Japanese island of hokkaido traveling a total distance of 2,300 miles. American tourist Matt galot staying in hokkaido was awoken by the deafening sirens. Find shelter in a basement, North Korea just launched a missile. Reporter: The south Korean military responding immediately launching its own missile 150 miles into the sea of Japan, a precise show of force meant to warn Kim Jong-un that south Korea can target him directly. Secretary of defense James Mattis saying the launch put millions of Japanese in duck and cover and secretary of state Rex tillerson calling on China and Russia to take direct actions of their own. This is the 14th time north Korea has launched ballistic missiles this year. The fifth since the start of July. On thursdayresident trump T trying to reassure Americans in the face of the north Korean threat saying he is working with China. We have a very good relationship with China and with the president of China but, believe me, the people of this country will be very, very safe. Reporter: But it is unclear what will stop this cycle of provocation and threat. This latest launch comes just three days after new sanctions and less than two weeks after North Korea tested what is likelily a hydrogen bomb that the country says could be placed on an intercontinental ballistic missile. Amy. Martha Raddatz, thank you. Let's bring in colonel Steve ganyard and, Steve, let's talk about the why. Why North Korea is defiantly testing another missile. You say there are two factors. Amy, a couple of things we need to think about. One is the political so think about just three days ago these harsher U.N. Sanctions were imposed. North Korea always feels like they have to respond to things like this. The other is sort of a science and engineering project so this missile they tested has not been terribly reliable in the past so they need to continue to test, continue to improve the reliability because reliability is the key to the credibility of their threat. And, colonel ganyard, there is then North Korea's rhetoric talking about nuclear war, sinking Japan, reducing the United States to ashes. What's their goal with all of that? Well, it certainly is concerning. We always expect fiery rhetoric out of North Korea but this is particularly harsh in the past couple of days. Hard to tell whether this is because the sanctions are beginning to bite because they're feeling their back is up against the wall or they're feeling more confident after their recent hydrogen bomb test. Steve, we know the U.N. Security council has scheduled that emergency meeting for later today. Do you expect anything actionable to come out of that? I don't, Amy. I think we should have modest expectations there. China and Russia will always veto any kind of sanctions that might have real bite against North Korea. Even president trump said this week that those sanctions were, quote, no big deal. He also ominously said that this is going to be something that the sanctions will be nothing compared to what will eventually have to happen. All this, Amy, as intelligence experts are now seeing new preparations for an underground nuclear test. All right. Colonel Steve ganyard, thank you very much.

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{"id":49867956,"title":"North Korea fires missile over Japanese airspace","duration":"4:19","description":"The intermediate-range ballistic missile passed over Japan 10 minutes after it was launched from North Korea.","url":"/GMA/video/north-korea-fires-missile-japanese-airspace-49867956","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}