North Korea Raises Threats by Relocating Missiles

Kim Jong Un moved two mid-range missiles to country's east coast to back up recent threats.
1:57 | 04/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for North Korea Raises Threats by Relocating Missiles
roger ebert ahead. But right to those ominous moves in north korea. Martha raddatz is in seoul, south korea, where she is tracking the latest for us. Good morning, martha. Reporter: Good morning, robin. It is not just threatening words from north korea this morning, but u.S. Officials believe they are about to test not one, but two missiles. Apparently kim jong-un feels it will help his bargaining position over nuclear weapons. Satellites have been tracking the mobile launchers' fuel and missile components on their way to north korea's eastern shore. The missile components for the musudan placed on a train traversing the countryside but the search continues for the actual side where the launcher and missiles have ended up. The north koreans have never tested this missile before. It is not capable of reaching the u.S. Mainland, but with a target range of around 2,000 miles, it poses a clear threat to our allies in the region and u.S. Bases in okinawa and possibly guam. Given the placement on the eastern shore the trajectory would likely pass over japan where missile defenses are in place. They want everyone to become so rattled and scared that the world appeases and accepts north korea with a new status quo with north korea as a nuclear weapons state, sanctions are lifted and we begin a kind of normal relationship with a new beginning. But that's not happening. Reporter: In fact, a launch would only makehings worse and the risk of mistakes causing serious damage either on purpose or because of the technical failure could mean a robust response from the u.S. And its allies. U.S. Officials believe the launch could take place any time and with little warning because it is very difficult to track mobile missiles.

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{"id":18886825,"title":"North Korea Raises Threats by Relocating Missiles","duration":"1:57","description":"Kim Jong Un moved two mid-range missiles to country's east coast to back up recent threats.","url":"/GMA/video/north-korea-tensions-south-relocating-missiles-deemed-threat-18886825","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}