Note Reading 'I Hate You All' Found Near Colleen Ritzer's Body

New details suggest Phil Chism may have been obsessed with the beloved teacher.
3:00 | 11/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Note Reading 'I Hate You All' Found Near Colleen Ritzer's Body
We begin with disturbing, new details about the murder of beloved high school teacher. One of connie ritzer's own students, is accused of killing her. And gio benitez has been on the story from the very beginning. Reporter: It's a tough one. Good morning to you. For the first time, in newly-released court documents, police detailed minute-by-minute, what they say happened inside that massachusetts school last month. And this morning, police have revealed that a note was found next to the teacher's body. While phil chisholm's friends call the 14-year-old quiet and nice, investigators call him a premeditative murderer, alleging he killed his own teacher, colleen ritzer, after the pair DISAPPEARED ON OCTOBER 22nd. Ritter's body would be found near the school. Chisolm was found walking near the road. Prosecutors say that another student listened in on their final conversation. And when ritzer mentioned tennessee, chisholm's home state, the student says, philip became upset. Once ritzer realized he was getting angry, she changed the topic. What went on every day, with this 14-year-old, really wasn't in school? What happened in tennessee? I think that the motive in this case is going to be a rage that's been building up in him. Reporter: Police say surveillance cameras capture chism following ritzer out of that classroom at 2:54 p.M. And into a second floor female bathroom, wearing a hoodie and gloves. 13 minutes later, police say chism walked out of the bathroom, changed his clothes several times and went back into the bathroom with a recycling bin. At 3:22, he leaves the bathroom, dragging that bin to the parking lot outside and towards the woods. Police believe chism at some point, sexually assaulted ritzer. Chism pleaded not guilty. Police say near the 24-year-old teacher's body, a note was found. With the words, I hate you all. And the documents show investigators now want to search chism's basement, to collect his commuter, cameras, notes or recordings. They suggest chism may have become obsessed with ritzer. This morning, the search for clues just goes on. Such a tough story. But she was a great teacher. A beloved teacher. Absolutely. They loved her. People do have a lot of great memories. Thank you, gio.

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{"id":20989525,"title":"Note Reading 'I Hate You All' Found Near Colleen Ritzer's Body","duration":"3:00","description":"New details suggest Phil Chism may have been obsessed with the beloved teacher.","url":"/GMA/video/note-reading-hate-found-colleen-ritzers-body-20989525","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}