NRA Convention Under Siege by Anti-Gun Advocates

Gun industry prepares for long war against tough gun control legislation.
3:57 | 05/05/13

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Transcript for NRA Convention Under Siege by Anti-Gun Advocates
We're going to turn back home, now, to new ammunition in the red-hot gun control debate. The head of the nra saying the gun lobby is ready for a long war. At a convention in houston, the question was asked, how many bostonians wished they had a gun two weeks ago. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. Nra leaders found a way to use the recent bombings in boston, shooting tragedies, to expand support for their organization. They say their membership has increased by 1 million since the newtown ting in december. Rising to a total of 5 million members. A number they want to double. ♪ it was an attempt to recast the gun control debate. Let us now start the information about responsibility. Reporter: And explain the importance of owning a firearm. Guns save lives. Guns protect our mothers, our wives, our daughters, our children. Reporter: It was matched with a bit more color by nra members in attendance. To all those gun-grabbers in washington, fill your hand you sun of a . Reporter: Firing from hollywood. Fill your hand you son of a . orter: TARGETING CRITICISM At president obama's efforts to reform gun control laws. Obama is meeting and plotting with the w who of the gun ban movement. Reporter: And mayor bloomberg's investment to help keep illegal guns off the street. We will never be scared of a billionaire. Reporter: For the white house, using the innocent children of newtown, even the voices of their grieving parents. And all I can remember is that awful day. Reporter: Was a strategy that failed in the fight for background checks. The amendment is not agreed to. Reporter: So, a new tactic was used this weekend by victims of gun violence and their survivors. They confronted nra members at their own convention. Despite the defeat in the senate, white house officials insist gun control legislation will happen, siting the majority of americans support it. They are looking at how president obama may be able to order action without approval. Rena, thank you. Let's bring in george stephanopoulos, host of abc's "this week." George, good morning. wayne LaPierre, said we have in the midst of everything we care about. Are nra members right to be scared? Are there more battles brewing? They're win right now. They've won all the battles they fought so far this year. But as rena pointed out, the president is committed to try to get the background check bill back before the senate this year. Vice president biden is committed to it. And lead proponent in the senate, joe manchin of west virginia, says there might be tweaks that can get more support. We've seen it, as well. Some of those senators who voted against the background checks are under tremendous pressure right now, including democrats, who could face the primariprimaries. I think you're going to see another vote in the senate. But in the house, nra very strong. I do not see this becoming law You have an exclusive interview with warren buffett, holding his shareholders meeting this weekend. Always amazing and interesting things to say. And he talks about the role women play in business. hathaway without him at the helm. He did not reveal who is going to lead berkshire hathaway. He's going to keep leading the company. He is very bullish. More than half of the workforce, the key to america's prosperity. Not so bullish on washington right now. Says the paralysis in washington is holding us back economically. We have a lot more on that coming up. We calls this annual gathering, woodstock for capital capitalists. I love that. He is bullish on twitter. He just joined twitter. Yeah. Jump on. All right, george. Thanks. And george has a packed show, including the exclusive with billionaire warren buffett. And the roundtable examines the

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{"id":19111690,"title":"NRA Convention Under Siege by Anti-Gun Advocates","duration":"3:57","description":"Gun industry prepares for long war against tough gun control legislation.","url":"/GMA/video/nra-convention-siege-anti-gun-advocates-19111690","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}