Did NSA Spy on Prominent Muslim-Americans?

New report by Glenn Greenwald names individuals whose emails may have been swept up.
1:42 | 07/09/14

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Transcript for Did NSA Spy on Prominent Muslim-Americans?
New -- now to new allegations of spying by the NSA and FBI on American citizens. The new disclosures naming targets come from information taken by Edward Snowden. You remember him. He fled to Russia. ABC's Brian Ross is in Washington with more on this breaking story. Good morning, Brian. Reporter: Well, good morning, robin. These new allegations posted online by journalist Glenn Greenwald are the most specific about which Americans were reportedly being spied on and overnight U.S. Officials said the release could compromise ongoing operations or wrongly cast a shadow over some of the people being named. Today's story says the NSA and the FBI collected the e-mails of some 202 U.S. Persons over a six-year period ending 2008 according to a document described as an NSA spreadsheet. Among them five prominent muslim-americans who the story says have led exemplary lives and strongly deny any involvement in terrorism including nihal Al wad, executive director of C.A.R.E. And faisal gill who ran for public office in Virginia as a republican. There's no question in my mind the reason I was surveilled was because Imus limb. There's nothing in my background. I always carried a security clearance and top secret sci security clearance. Reporter: Overnight they denied anyone was targeted because of their religion and saying they're only collected when there is a legitimate foreign intelligence or counterintelligence purpose. They might have to do some more explaining. The latest on president

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{"id":24482027,"title":"Did NSA Spy on Prominent Muslim-Americans?","duration":"1:42","description":"New report by Glenn Greenwald names individuals whose emails may have been swept up.","url":"/GMA/video/nsa-spy-prominent-muslim-americans-24482027","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}