*NSYNC Reunion Rumors Swirl Around MTV Video Music Awards

The VMA's 30th anniversary promises to be the biggest year yet.
3:43 | 08/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for *NSYNC Reunion Rumors Swirl Around MTV Video Music Awards
speculation swirling before one of the biggest nights for music. That one of the most popular boy bands ever may be getting back together on stage at the mtv video music awards. Rachel smith is here. We saw the backstreet boys this summer get together. Might we see 'n sync do the same? So much for "bye, bye, bye." One of the executives said the show is going to bring something we've wanted but don't have. Maybe an 'n sync reunion could be in the cards. If so, this would be the boy band's first television performance in ten years. You can bet that's not the only popular in an often controversial telecast in the making. ♪ Like a virgin ♪ Reporter: It's the awards show, known for rolling out the jaw-dropping moments. I'm going to let you finish. But beyonce had one of the best videos of all-time. Reporter: That's right. This sunday, the mtv video music awards and all that come with them, are back. Mtv has taken its show on the road to brooklyn for the first time ever. The barclays center will pay host to this year's award show. We're getting a sneak peek inside. Let's go check it out. Come on. What could possibly happen with this pool of talent you have out here in the audience? I would say probably just about everything and anything. A couple years ago, beyonce decides to tell the world she's pregnant. We had been working with her for weeks and weeks and weeks. We had no idea. Reporter: Mother monster lady gaga announced here on "gma," she's opening the show. Her post-hip surgery comeback performance. While pop sensation, katy perry's closing this year's spectacle. Between, six more performances, ranging from kanye west, to miley cyrus, and justin timberlake. One of the biggest questions SURROUNDING THIS YEAR'S VMAs, Will boy band group 'n sync reunite on this very stage. Justin timberlake's coming. His date. Kanye, his date. Just speculation, but j.C., joey, lance, chris -- I'm just saying. There's enough room. Any information? We'll see what happens. IT'S THE VMAs. So, I mean, anything can happen in this room. Reporter: A room that features a, well, unique take on its mtv classic, designed by brooklyn artist, kaz. Check out this replica of the iconic moonman. It's the first time it's received a face-lift in 30 years. Don't get too used to it. It's a one-time only deal. Who might walk away with one of these bad boys? Justin timberlake has six mom nations with macklemore and ryan lewis. Oh, my gosh. The list goes on and on and on. All right here. This is where the stars are sitting. And I think I found my seat. This ceremony marks the 30th anniversary of the show and the first major annual awards show to take place in brooklyn. THE VMAs ARE LIVE SUNDAY. And I'll be on the red carpet for the entire night. And back monday for the recap. You will get an eyeful. The outfits never disappoint. Mtv for one night, goes back to music videos. It's true. "Gma" also, going vma on monday. Again, we're going to have all of the news, the fashion, all of that fun. Can't wait for that.

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{"id":20045568,"title":"*NSYNC Reunion Rumors Swirl Around MTV Video Music Awards","duration":"3:43","description":"The VMA's 30th anniversary promises to be the biggest year yet.","url":"/GMA/video/nsync-reunion-rumors-swirl-mtv-video-music-awards-20045568","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}