Miracle Baby Beats the Odds, Survives Premature Birth

Faith was born at only 23 weeks and weighed less than a pound.
2:51 | 08/30/13

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Transcript for Miracle Baby Beats the Odds, Survives Premature Birth
now, a baby being called a miracle by doctors. Her name is faith. And it's the perfect name for this little bun who was born almost four months early and weighed less than one pound. Abc's rachel smith is here with her incredible story. Good morning, rachel. Reporter: Doctors say that babies born at 23 weeks rarely survive. If they do, the risk of brain damage and other health problems is very high. Despite the long odds, today, baby faith is not only surviving but thriving. We call her feisty. Feisty faith. Reporter: Baby faith is a healthy, almost ten-pound baby. Always very happy and smiling. She, you know, she gets up at night. So, that's a little -- yeah, you do. Reporter: But she has overcome unbelievable odds. Faith is one of the world's smallest babies ever born to survive. IT STARTED MARCH 7th. Marie massey was experiencing pain on her commute to work. Only 23 weeks along. And I should not be feeling this kind of pain or pressure. Reporter: Marie went to the emergency room. Her partner, rich abrams, rushed to her side. We knew something was going wrong with the pregnancy. Doctors realized that massey was going into labor four months early. Her water actually broke. Reporter: Doctors say babies born this early have little chance of making it. Her chances of survival was somewhere between the 10% and 20% range. We were pretty upset at that point. We kind of both were, I think, crying. Reporter: But marie and rich never gave up hope. It was a strong belief that she was going to be okay. Reporter: And that hope paid off. The baby came out crying. To me, she looked like a normal baby. Reporter: While that cry was a good sign, little faith was far from being in the clear. She was 430 grams in the delivery room, which is a little under 15 ounces. In terms of length, she was about this long. She was very, very small. Somehow overcame every obstacle. Reporter: Now, a happy, healthy family at home, marie says all thanks to faith. She truly is a blessing. Reporter: Little faith is, indeed, a miracle, despite her weighing in at 15 ounces at birth, which is lighter than a loaf of bread. She had no brain damage. She did not need oxygen during discharge and did not even need major surgery. Doctors will monitor her over the next several years. I but I have all of the faith in the world this little girl will be just fine. Young. Just 23 weeks gestation. The perfect name. Exactly. A great story. Her mom said she was keeping that name. Thanks, rachel. Also sizzling on our "gma heat index," the latest trend

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Faith was born at only 23 weeks and weighed less than a pound.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20117078","title":"Miracle Baby Beats the Odds, Survives Premature Birth","url":"/GMA/video/nyu-lagones-miracle-baby-faith-beats-odds-survives-20117078"}