Obama on Iran: 'Without a Deal, We Risk Even More War'

The president holds a news conference at The White House to discuss the nuclear deal with Iran.
5:38 | 07/15/15

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Transcript for Obama on Iran: 'Without a Deal, We Risk Even More War'
Good afternoon everybody. Yesterday was historic day. The comprehensive long term deal but we achieved with our allies. And partners to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon represents. A powerful display of American leadership and diplomacy. It shows what we can accomplish when we leave from position of strength. And a position of principle. When we unite the international community around a shared vision and we resolve to solve problems peacefully. We said yesterday it's important for the American people and congress to get a full opportunity to review this deal that process is now under way. A bargain reached out to leaders in congress on both sides of the aisle my national security team has begun offering extensive briefings. I expect the debate to be robust and that's how it should be is an important issue. National security policies are stronger and more effective when there are subject to the scrutiny and transparency. That democracy demands. As I said yesterday the details of this deal matter very much. That's why our team worked so hard for so long. To get the details right. The same time as this debate unfolds I hope we don't lose sight of the larger picture. The opportunity that this agreement represents. As we go forward it's important for body to remember the alternative. And the fundamental choice that this moment represents. Wig this deal. We cut off every single one of Iran's pathways. To a nuclear program. Nuclear weapons program. And Iran's nuclear program will be under severe limits. For many years. Without a deal those pathways remain open. There would be no limits to Iran's nuclear program and Iran. Could move closer to a nuclear bomb. Would this deal. We gain unprecedented. Around the clock monitoring of roms key nuclear facilities. And most comprehensive and intrusive inspection and verification regime ever negotiated. Without a deal those inspections. Go away. And we lose the ability to closely monitor Iran's program and detect any Covert. Nuclear weapons program. Where this deal if Iran violates its commitments. There will be real consequences. Nuclear related sanctions would have helped or crippled. Iran and economy will snap back into place. What out of BOB international sanctions regime will unwrap. Would no ability to reimpose. Would this feel we have the possibility of peacefully resolving a major threat. To regional and international security. Without a deal. We risk even more war in the Middle East. And other countries in the region would feel compelled to pursue their own nuclear programs. Threatening a nuclear arms race and most volatile. Region in the world. As I said yesterday even where this deal. We will continue to have profound differences with the wrong. The support of terrorism but used proxies to destabilize. Parts of Middle East. Therefore the multi lateral arms embargo on Iran will remain in place. For an additional five years and restrictions on ballistic missile technology will remain for eight years. In addition. The United States will maintain our own sanctions related to Iran's support for terrorism its ballistic missile program its human rights violations. And will continue our unprecedented security cooperation with Israel and continued to deepen our partnerships with the gulf states. But the bottom line address. This nuclear deal meets the national security interests of the United States and our Ellis. It prevents the most serious threat. Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon which would only make. The other problems that Iran may cause. Even worse. That's why this deal makes our country and the world safer and more secure. It's why the alternative. No limits on Iran's nuclear program no inspections. Of Iran that's closer to a nuclear weapon. The risk of regional nuclear arms race in the greater risk of war. All that would endanger our security. That's the choice that we thanks. If we don't choose wisely I believe future generations will judge us harshly. For letting this moment support. And no one suggests but does deal resolves. All the threats that Iran poses to its neighbors or the world. Wherever realizing the promise of this Veoh will require many years of implementation and hard work. Will require vigilance and execution. But this deal is our best means of assuring that Iran does not get a nuclear weapon. And from the start that has been. My number one priority. Our number one per. We've got a historic chance to pursue a safer more secure world. An opportunity the may not come again and our lifetimes. As president and as commander in chief I am determined to seize that opportunity.

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{"id":32472075,"title":"Obama on Iran: 'Without a Deal, We Risk Even More War'","duration":"5:38","description":"The president holds a news conference at The White House to discuss the nuclear deal with Iran.","url":"/GMA/video/obama-iran-deal-news-conference-32472075","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}