Ohio Gov. John Kasich on the State of His Presidential Campaign

The Republican presidential candidate tells "GMA" what he needs to do to remain a serious contender in the race.
4:01 | 02/09/16

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Transcript for Ohio Gov. John Kasich on the State of His Presidential Campaign
Joined now by governor John kasich. He's here with us in Manchester right now. So, you won the vote in dixville notch, 2-1. Nine voters total. We came out strong. Is it true you called every single voter in that town. I did. 2-1 you won. It was great. A lot of the polls showing you got momentum in these final days. Drawing the attention of governor Jeb bush. Putting out a web video ad calling it no comparison hitting your record for supporting obamacare, budget issues. How do you respond? I don't respond to that. I think, unfortunately, I hate to say it but Jeb has taken the very low road to the highest office in the land and, George, I've been positive. We've had 106 town hall meetings, people come, they laugh. They cry. They talk about the things that matter to them. We've been positive, our ground game, Gordon Humphrey, the former senator says it's the best ground game he's seen in 40 years. Last night we were out there in a driving snowstorm probably 300, 400 people standing out there cheering. It was like a movie set. I wish I could take it -- I could make a movie out of this. You seem excited. You could be the star. You could play me. Where are you going to finish? We're going to finish very strong. I'm not like Muhammad Ali, I can't predict exactly what round or whatever but, look, I sent my bus, the magic bus down to south Carolina last night. And we're heading there. That's my question. Even if you do well here your opponents, rivals say you're out of money, not organized in other states. I love when my rivals say stuff like that. People have counted me all of my career and said I wouldn't get in the race, I couldn't raise the money, wouldn't get to new Hampshire, wouldn't make the debate stage. I hope they keep underestimating me. There was another guy they UND underestimated all the time, Reagan. Leave no one behind, grow the economy where Americans were before and republicans and democrats and people respond to that. Getting attention from democrats. A lot of independents here in New Hampshire can vote in either primary. Jon Karl is in derry, new Hampshire, with a couple that are choosing between you and Hillary Clinton. Jon. Reporter: Hey, George, it's incredible with the folks here at Marion's, how many people still now planning to vote after breakfast are not quite sure who they're going to vote for. Right here Fred Daniels from Nashua and as George just said, you are actually trying to decide between John kasich and Hillary Clinton but what's your question, you have a chance now, governor kasich, what do you want to know. Governor kasich, I really appreciate you talking to us right now and I have had a chance to actually see you live. The question I have for you and all the candidates is, how are you going to get congress to listen to you and to understand what you want to accomplish? It's so divisive. It's so dysfunctional. How are you going to get these people together to make your things happen? You know, I've done it all my career. In fact, as chairman of the budget committee I actually work with people like George stephanopoulos to get the budget balanced because we brought people together and we started putting the country first and didn't worry about the ideology so much or the party. I mean, it was a conservative program that got us the balance. We did it by working together and I've done it in Ohio. You know what you do, you just -- you're fair with people. You don't have to cave in on your principles. If there's anything I can do it's the ability to get people to work together and realize our legacy will be determined by what we achieve. I've always said, sir, one of the things I'll do is get the birthdays of all the mothers and fathers of congress and call them on their birthdays so they'll call their sons and daughters and say don't mess with the president. He's really a good guy. We want your votes, sir. Please. Thanks for coming in. Robin. That was refreshing. All right, George, now to the

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"The Republican presidential candidate tells \"GMA\" what he needs to do to remain a serious contender in the race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36802974","title":"Ohio Gov. John Kasich on the State of His Presidential Campaign","url":"/GMA/video/ohio-gov-john-kasich-state-presidential-campaign-36802974"}