Olivia Wilde Went Skinny Dipping While Shooting 'Drinking Buddies'

The star discusses improving an entire movie and working with fiance Jason Sudeikis.
3:19 | 08/21/13

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Transcript for Olivia Wilde Went Skinny Dipping While Shooting 'Drinking Buddies'
We're so excited to have the lovely olivia wilde with us this morning. She has starring in the comedy "drinking buddies. And in it, wilde plays kate, with her buddy, luke. Friend. That line between friends and more than friends. Here's a scene from "drinking buddies." You are down $1,000. I'm yet to see my card. Will the casino kindly give me another $1,000. Kate, I've never done this before. But I'll talk with the pit boss to give you another $1,000. Yes. Thank you. I love this movie. It's all improvised. Yeah. The entire thing. How do you do that? You kind of fling yourself at it. It's terrifying. But when you have a cast made up of jay johnson, and ron livingston, they make it easy. There's another guy in the movie. We wrote him in. Jason -- sudeikis, your fiance has a small role in it. But you are the star. A lot of people wonder when they hear about actors improving scenes, what does it mean? We had an outline for the entire movie that had the major plot points. And every day, we'd get to work and say, we need a scene that shows that there's some kind of ambiguously romantic tension here. Maybe just get together and see what happens. For instance, there's a fire scene when we're on the beach and having a bonfire. And during the scene, I'm like, I'm going to go skinny dipping. That process was fun. It's like choose your adventure, acting. What was it like working with your fiance? We roped him in. He didn't know he was going to have to work. He came to visit me in chicago before he went to shoot "we're the millers." He came to lunch on set. We don't have anyone to play my boss. Will you jump in and improvise with me for an hour? He was like, great. Let's go. What was that like? I'm trying not to laugh the whole time. He makes me and everyone else laugh so hard. But it was great. He's just -- he's so good that watching him just is a delight. What's it like for you this time of your life? I feel so lucky. I feel great. The great thing about being a woman turning 30, you understand you're not living life for your parents or your peers. You're living life for yourself. It's something magical. I loved you writing about it in "glamour" magazine. You talk about things like sexual prime. Yeah. Your thoughts as a soon-to-be 30-year-old. What advises do you have? I encourage women to take advantage of it. Not to be ashamed or stifle it in any way. What I said in an article, is we can act like an 18-year-old boy, just be better at everything. Don't get plastic surgery. You're adamant about this? Yeah. There's too many young women cutting up their faces. And it makes me sad. They all look the same. You know, the article isn't meant to be preachy. It's advice to myself as much as everyone else. Olivia wilde, best of lucky the wedding plans. Give jason our love. He was here. And congrats on his movie, too. The movie is called "drinking buddies." You need to download it on itunes. It hits select theaters in month and also in the fall. Congratulations, olivia. Coming up, gail simmons is

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"The star discusses improving an entire movie and working with fiance Jason Sudeikis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20022709","title":"Olivia Wilde Went Skinny Dipping While Shooting 'Drinking Buddies'","url":"/GMA/video/olivia-wilde-interview-drinking-buddies-skinny-dipping-fiance-20022709"}