Online Shopping Gets Real; Finally Finding the Right Fit

Sites are now using photos of real women instead of models to show off clothes.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Online Shopping Gets Real; Finally Finding the Right Fit
What a great perspective. Speaking about how you look, there's a revolutionary way to shop for clothing online. Clothing that fits you to a tee. A new website called rent the runway is taking the guesswork out of how something will really fit out of the equation. It uses real women to show off the clothing. Reporter: For nicole madison, what happened in vegas didn't exactly stay there. She was so happy with the way she looked in this dress she dubbed, a show-stopper, she sent a picture of herself wearing it where she got it. Rent the runway is known for affording women the opportunity to rent designer clothing instead of buying it. I wanted other women my size and my height to see what i looked like in a dress. Hopefully, it would inspire them. Reporter: The founders of the website say customers like madison inspired them to t something new on for size. Launching a new section of the site called ourrunway.Com. Where women can shop by looking at photos of real women. We think that everyday women should look and feel like models. Come to the site. Enter your own height, your own weight, your chest size, and see thousands of women exactly like you and find the dress that you think will look the best on you. Reporter: Forget relying on flawless-looking, skinny models who don't have your curves or trouble spots. Our runway is intended to help the shopper know the dress they love will look just as good on them. And it takes being a size 8, 10 or 12 on real women. Is this an antidote for women looking at online shopping, saying I don't know how this is going to look on me. It's not will the dress fit? Will it look good on me. Our business is having cinderella moments in fashion. This is the way to take the risk out of trying a new brand. Reporter: More than 15,000 customers have posted new pictures, wanting to show off shapes in their designer duds. The website doesn't make just the models but stylists. You can ask those women questions about how they accessorized the look, what kind of shoes they wore. Reporter: Just ask madison. She calls her beyonce dress. And it fit like a glove. I just felt so beautiful that night. And so glamorous. Reporter: The most popular feature on the website is the compliment feature that allows you to like her look. People can post a comment about how great someone looks in a particular dress. It's very empowering and it helps shoppers to imagine how you would look in the dress. It's like stepping out of the dressing room and having ladies say you look good in that. We're here with three, beautiful models. All different ages, shapes and sizes. And all wearing the same gorgeous dress. Let's talk about our first model, alexandra. Alexandra normally wears a size 0. What issues does she have? She's barely 5'1". She has a lot of issues with length. She'll pick out a dress online and when it comes home, it's much longer on her than she would expect. And she was able to see it on women who are her same height and size. As you can see, it hits perfectly at the knee. For petite women is an important length. No alterations in this dress whatsoever. Anything longer than that would shorten her. But it gives her great length. Next, we have brandy, a 30-something, and a size 4. More of an athletic build. She works hard for it. And she looks amazing. She typically wears a strapless dress. She would never think of a dress like this. When she saw it on another woman with a similar body, she could see how important that low "v" does. It shows off her arms, and her chest. Her favorite part about herself. And she's wearing a size 4? A size 4. That's how it fits. Finally, we have tina in her 40s, WITH THE CLASSIC HOUR GLASS Shape. And most models don't have this look, which I like. She loves her curves. She loves to show them off. One thing she learned from this dress is pleats can be her friend. She usually runs from pleats. But they look beautiful on her. Ladies, you look beautiful. We'll have more from oprah's great favorite things, coming up in a moment. Live from wcvb tv channel 5

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{"id":17650964,"title":"Online Shopping Gets Real; Finally Finding the Right Fit","duration":"3:00","description":"Sites are now using photos of real women instead of models to show off clothes.","url":"/GMA/video/online-shopping-real-finally-finding-fit-17650964","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}