What's in the Oscars' Swag Bag to the Biggest Bling on the Red Carpet

Rebecca Jarvis' inside look into the Money Behind the Academy Awards on Real Biz 2.28.2014.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Transcript for What's in the Oscars' Swag Bag to the Biggest Bling on the Red Carpet
Hello and welcome to a special Oscars edition of real -- hence the -- I'm Rebecca Jarvis in New York City here's what's happening right now the big money of the Academy Awards. She knows how much money those swagger bags the stars get -- worth. We're gonna tell you it will -- you were also talking to one of the company's. That is -- up the red carpet -- -- me up for the day. -- -- -- That new way -- Oscars star we're gonna have all of that we want to get right to it. Sure everyone at the Oscars wants the big award but no one goes home empty handed everyone gets the official Oscar gift -- And Alan Weisman is the senior entertainment editor at business insider Alley. Well you hello to this is no ordinary gift -- No this isn't it could breezy 85000. Dollar gift bag any 5000 dollars yet it's not it's pretty much twice what last years get back but -- -- -- -- really big here and get back. This company got distinctive assets. For the past -- -- has been putting these get back together. But you know for everyone gets to be a winner yet you know we're looking at pictures of -- this is not so much -- bag is it is an entire table of gifts. Which include travel insanely expensive items what are some of the major things on the list there's everything from six dollar items to 161000. Dollar items. The highest. Did most expensive item is a 161000 dollar coupon for right here -- A -- but yes well that's like an ounce actually a couple days ago in the New York Post that people -- is getting here transplant that it's not be your chance to plant its -- -- -- -- you know -- -- implied that hear it for more for that. But -- than their 151000 dollar walking tour of Japan trip which found that amazing very -- -- A 9000 dollar trip to -- guess which includes and meet and greet with boys to men. And it. Seattle which sounds off previously -- -- yeah I have to take -- to -- analysis. The Oscar nominees are -- -- -- wanting to cash in on math because a lot of this -- his two runs do we have any sense for how many of the people who get the -- actually use the coupon we don't know exactly but they -- music they can -- -- to act -- out that family and friends and you know. There go the Christmas -- -- yeah right they stuck up at Oscar time -- exact with -- This stuff is clearly so much money -- -- you might ask yourself why in the world -- companies shelved this kind of money out to celebrities. My sense is that it's all about -- Graham now and it's all about celebrities talking in tweeting about the things they're used. Totally the publicity that people and brands -- from putting -- -- -- -- -- -- Is -- we're talking about that now I'm sure there's millions of people that are going to be talking about that when they hear about them and -- them in pictures right exactly and then at the celebrity tweets about enterprise -- to their social media accounts. It gets exposure that they could -- -- otherwise and when you think about the cost of an actual celebrity endorsement these brands for example. -- you -- dealing with Jennifer Lawrence that is millions of dollars verses thousands of dollars per celebrity to get the same exposure at the beginning and -- It can't get this -- and the celebrities have to pay taxes as well I do you think that's tracked. -- -- some of the highest grossing speaking of money the highest grossing Oscar nominees this year. So we Leonard DiCaprio was nominated for his Roland waffle blustery and he -- the highest grossing Oscar nominees. Over so that means that his movies his entire career he's brought in. Six point three billion dollars to the box office which has more money than the actual Wall Street cat -- -- -- yet and it -- so wolf Austrian is only taken 340. Not only 349 and worldwide at the box office so far. But if you remember -- we -- -- in a big movie -- Titanic which took in two point one billion at the box office so. A lot of that is coming from -- incredible and there are still people that are watching that movie all around the world it's right back in terms of who you think is going to take it home taking on the big -- -- -- -- -- away. I don't think it's gonna be Leo I know people are really rooting for -- a Leo no -- as far as that's actor I think it is Matthew McConaughey year. You know he will be the first to tell you that he's at a great point in his career -- -- and yet he's never been nominated for an Oscar report but he's been -- Hollywood for so long and this is really have time to shine he's got that HBO series true detective which is so popular right now getting such -- critical feedback that. You know he seems to be -- -- fan favorite now and for the women and I. For the women I am so torn -- It's either going to be -- planned -- who has swept award season so far or in any Sandra -- who put. Her heart and -- and to that gravity performance and -- on screen by herself the entire time so. That was a hard movie to carry and she really -- so incredible women -- apple actors thank you so much January thank you back us up. Delaying is a girl's best friend and at the Academy Awards -- stars are shining from head to toe with the most exquisite jewelry. Here with a sneak peek at the biggest trends you'll see on the red carpet is Kelly he -- -- -- -- stylist and had a marketing pursuit for jewels. They've decked out some of Hollywood's most well known stars from Catherine Zeta-Jones to Katy Perry even Michelle Obama and guess what. It kindly lent beans to me for today. Sutra and just today by the way they're going back as soon as this segment is over but I'm enjoying them for -- Stickers started out as a boutique jeweler and we want to know Kelly how did you go from that to decking out the stars. Well you know every designer injury news unhappy their -- and a celebrity. You know it's really an after between our internal PR and -- -- our show rooms. And how -- Bargaining. Politicking goes on behind the scenes to get celebrities to Wear your items and then -- actually get photographed in. Well you know I think ultimately it ended the data celebrity has the last call. And you know these kind of things can change up until the moment they hit the red carpet. So something can be omitted added or changed so we you know it it it is up to them and you know -- it as long as. Good and feel -- and it it you know it it can change so. You know there is a lot of negotiation going on it when it comes to their and there are so colors can this be swapped out you just -- -- also right. But you know I mean you have to imagine. That there is a huge group of people surrounding that celebrity telling her or him you look fabulous I love -- you. And they're pushing them in a direction and you wanna be friends with that person who's really counting in the minds of the celebrity's. Right well you know we we do -- establish relationships with people and we love. For celebrities try out our brand known as a relief fund grant until we're we do -- -- we create jewelry for the water quality and who has that knack for luxury an artillery really unique it has that -- gothic feel to it. And so you know -- a -- of designers you really have to recognize. That. And although -- young Brandon just started in 2008. And we've had limited success with the red carpet and becoming a celebrity brands they are so -- we -- is seen in your duels at the Oscars. A lot of that's not the -- -- -- and Rebecca what million dollar question. Some. Like except you know in the past we've had so many amazing celebrity where -- And I. You know like -- And of course is CN double for Oscar this year she's -- the Fuller. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The red -- and to perform. And so we just you know we -- -- OK so so how many how many how many thousands of dollars are these hearings that I'm wearing right now. Well I think -- might agree to choose from which did you pick. I'm I chose the and there are and they have like. -- blood stream coming down in the midst of lots of diamonds. -- -- Thirty. Okay 35000 UC I I'm not even a connoisseur of these things that's why seven extreme I ache. It's the -- -- -- coming down but 35000 dollars will take it. In terms of the stars for example you mentioned. That Sandra Bullock has -- your jewelry before. How much money -- she wearing when she -- your jewels. You know I can't specifically -- exactly. Bet the dollar but you know vigils and art collection the -- all the -- to 300 out so I'm. It just depends on which peace and end celebrity's repeat where you know once you -- sutra it's just so fun to come and -- its clients it's very wearable art -- the you know the red carpet flows well. And so we we did -- patently. So yeah yeah. If I'm hearing you correctly Kelly you don't know exactly who's going to be wearing you this weekend but your fingers are crossed around some very names. Right and you know designer collection every year to -- Rather than you know chasing that sprint are working and we -- since I need to create. So when -- -- trends this year that you're trying to create. Well you know all of the peaks this year there's a lot of peace a lot of -- It depends on color -- is radiant orchid and so you know that that's a lot and not only fashion design but also jewelry. And a lot of rights in -- -- And as you can see you really critical statement hearing. Love it hate you so much Kelly we appreciate it best of luck we hope you win at the Oscars. Actually it's cute and -- -- speech totally prepared. RA when you see your favorite stars you could only wish to have their style right while there's a start up it's called which clouds and it's making it happen for you the social stopping shopping site. Took screen shots of your favorite stars and tell you. Where you can buy luxury outfits or replicate the look with a more affordable designer we want to welcome -- west the which -- fashion stylist. Lehigh. -- -- you -- I'm doing great so explain to me how which clouds works. So witty -- they -- when things -- -- Sam and wedding night that -- You can shop store -- retail. And that you plus eight and clouds and when they -- and they'll tell you and I think that's totally different from any other -- And given and -- -- And of course the Oscars are huge time for fashion a lot of people look at the stars as they walked down the red carpet that for some is the best part of the entire shell. -- what are you doing for Oscars. Done in me I next on and a website. Where are you asking you what -- top nominees are wary going to be on the -- -- And to act in the movie -- it will extend our we have everyone friendly -- is TU. Amy Adams Jennifer Lauren -- Seem -- a Smart. Business you probably make a cut every time somebody wish -- something and then ends up buying it. Yeah. So what do you make. Well. We hear -- -- money but we definitely -- -- -- With that I mean it's a business -- you're doing this for profit obviously but it it's also a Smart idea how you come up with the whole idea. Well -- and I wish was. You how people say money. That's pretty -- next -- all of it and who's backing you. And I who was backing you Wear your financial backers. We have them. I -- Britney Spears. And -- That is how we're you know reading -- -- and now. And when you initially started I mean I understand that every start -- has to go out on that path initially to get the investors. How was it going after investors what -- is here thirty Sackett sales pitch and how long did take you to really hone in on what works. Well. Only that did not mean that he had a great teen who. Are -- an ex CEO Lowell -- are great acts and you know raising money where this company. All right. And -- your background you love fashion so what do you think we're gonna see on the red carpet this year. I definitely hoping to seeing a lot you -- not so much gowns. Hoping to see no more sit it -- when it will cease and her beloved and he had something read slowly and constantly and at least -- -- -- Army actually CIA and clouds that tree. Very cool -- west we really appreciate look forward to seeing what's up on which clouds after the Oscar is EEM. And -- you for joining us for real -- as we want me here who you want to win best actress and actor and best film at the Academy Awards so tweet us. At real visit with RJ or chat with me any time. At Rebecca Jarvis on Twitter thanks so much for joining us -- real this this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York have a great one enjoy the Oscars.

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{"id":22718302,"title":"What's in the Oscars' Swag Bag to the Biggest Bling on the Red Carpet ","duration":"3:00","description":"Rebecca Jarvis' inside look into the Money Behind the Academy Awards on Real Biz 2.28.2014.","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-2014-oscars-swag-bag-biggest-bling-red-22718302","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}