Oscars 2017: Peter Travers offers his picks on who will and who should win

Film Critic Peter Travers breaks down why he thinks it's a shoo-in for some Oscar nominees.
13:13 | 02/17/17

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Transcript for Oscars 2017: Peter Travers offers his picks on who will and who should win
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you about the movies. But in this national popcorn edition we're gonna talk about the Oscars because who cares about anything else right now. This is all the drama of the Academy Awards and he's gonna win. And you know that this year was every action to last year where everything was Oscars so why. Well this is not happen this year and you have to wonder why you're doing your little bets at home. How much of this is gonna figure in. Are the academy voters gonna watch now people of color and say how many give you extra points are they gonna go back and be just the way they were before witches. Obnoxious and her and slightly had me so I'm never going to be any of those things are so let's start with the supporting categories I'm gonna read. Best supporting actress nominees and they are Viola Davis in fences. Naomi Harris and moonlight Nicole Kidman in Lyon Octavia Spencer in hidden figures and Michelle Williams in Manchester. All right if you want to make bets. This is one of those categories if Viola Davis manages lose if yes then something is rumbling wrong in the air. First of all. The role she plays in fences isn't supporting an off. I mean she's in this movie as much as Denzel Washington. And somebody decided well. You know maybe have a better chance of winning if you're supporting actress if you won a real supporting actress. You would look to Michelle Williams in Manchester by the C who has three of four scenes and then. Isn't there anymore. Or Octavia Spencer and hidden figures who is basically supporting what to Russian. But you can see when you listen to Viola Davis the passion for this project it was a major deal to bring August Wilson's plated the screen. And it was done I mean the man died in in 2005. This is it first time any of his great place have become in movie and bio represents. And she does really well so. That's where my money's. Our best supporting actor nominees armor Herschel Ali in late Jeff Bridges in hell or high water. Lucas hedges in Manchester by the C. Dev Patel in Lyon and Michael Shannon in nocturnal animals. Now here. We're seeing something a little bit unique. As we went into awards season Herschel Ali was way up front he was the guy. That had to win this Oscar far as I'm concerned he should be that guy that wins the Oscar we also had Jeff Bridges and this is the better this is. A man in his sixties. Who played the do warmth and is now showing. What it's like he's up against Lucas hedges in Manchester by the C who's barely twenty years old so you have the better against this. But I think that if my Herschel Lee has any competition. He would come from dev Patel. In line because what's happening as we move towards actual Oscar night in the voting. People are seeing line we more than anyone expected they would see it and then following. They have like an emotional connection to. And dev Patel is a person of color in the Herschel is a person of color. I am still saying those two performances are terrific but what Herschel I'll lead it's in moon. In the short time he's on screen stays with you you don't seem like it's day. Elected people it doesn't happen so my money is going with Herschel me and my heart I have to say. All right now we go to best actress now this is quite the category Isabel hand in L. Ruth Vega in loving. Emma Stone in the while on land and Natalie Portman in Jackie and Meryl Streep in Florence forced to Jenkins. Because Merrill Streep gave such a great speech. At Golden Globes a lot of people want to elect her president. Just because the speech was so great but I don't think it's gonna get her any votes Natalie Portman. Was once upfront replaying Jacqueline Kennedy during that period. But that's kind of moved and now we have only erased between two people. The favorite in this is Emma Stone in Lama. And the stone has won an Oscar but she was nominated before for bird man. And Delilah land into the movie that everybody has embraced it's got fourteen nominations. If they're going to be one actor that went from it is the going to be her Ryan Gosling everybody loves what and the stone does this mean. Lot. Out of nowhere seemingly comes French actress is. And in L she plays a woman who's been raped. Who decides to have her own agenda in taking vengeance over what happens to earn them. So look at this will it be America's sweetheart Emma Stone verses this French actress who is kind of amazed everybody. Ruth Vega who is in this category it represents who's the person of color who was nominated in but the movie. Didn't explode at the box office so I think it's an uphill battle for. But I'm gonna go out on him although I fully expecting in a stone to win and if I can predict any surprise that I see in manner in mind crazy. Strange dreams I'm gonna say Isabel pair could be that long shot you should. All right now at best actor best actor here in the nominees Casey Affleck in Manchester by the C. Andrew Garfield and hacks are ridge Ryan Gosling in La La land. Vigo mortenson in captain fantastic and Denzel Washington and its us. You know in the weeks leading up to the Oscars this was Casey Affleck to lose. A Manchester by the C had opened at the Sundance Film Festival a year ago and the rapes kept pouring it and they deserve to pour in because what does. In Manchester by the C playing someone who suffered through Greek tragedy but he's trying to find his place in the world. Is the definition of subtlety. In act. But Casey Affleck has warned then just. He subtlety and his brilliance in playing this tragic actor to conjure up. He's now got to kind her with Denzel Washington. Who has two Oscars are ready case he has none. And win you see what he does on screen fences you're seeing a performance that really be in fact it's the opposite of what case. What Casey is all of them here did tell us all out there and if I'm them. This is not just well Denzel was always good evening while he is but here he's exceptional. And as we move toward those final votes. Academy voters on loving what he's doing. He's gone out there he's talked about it because he loves. The whole idea of the late August Wilson finally being represented on screen he's that director. He fought for years to get it done and he's gotten it done. If it goes according to the plan that I'm saying an actors you could have basically Denzel Washington is best actor. Viola Davis as supporting actress. And Herschel Lee is supporting actor. This would be three people of color when last year we didn't have one nominated any category. And you have to make the excuse that they are making a correction in Hollywood know those three performances are as good as jealousy. In any movies anywhere she. All right. It's time now for the need term tactical best picture of the year what it's going to be. The academy can do as few as six nominees or as many as and and this year they decided to do. Nine nominees for best picture a rival. Faces. Hacks on ridge hell or high water. Hayden figures. La La land. Lion Manchester-By-The-Sea. And moonlight. All right what do we make us we look at the top of the list and we say La La land is nominated for fourteen. Academy Awards hop. That sounds like a lot doesn't it is all because their only two of the movies in the 89 years of the academy. That got fourteen nominations. One was All About Eve in 1950 which was about actors actor's apartment that act like. And the other was Titanic in 1997. Titanic the big S. One everything it was just people looked it'd meet stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet it was huge. Lo La land is tiny little musical independent and feared that nobody wanted to me. So how can achieve it is there anything that can knock that off. There was a time where hacksaw ridge was something that people really relating to and we see that no gifts and was nominated as best director which means. He's being forgiven by Hollywood for all his anti male anti Jewish rants it did before him Mel Gibson says. You know he was inebriated he was drunk at the time he didn't mean to say any of those things it was the booze talking. This was why he immediately. Shouldn't be blamed for what happened well you can decide. They've done kind of they've done this kind of thing before they did with Roman Polanski when he won that given year. He was forgiven even though he's a fugitive from justice. But. When you look at it you look at fences which is nominated and you say what they did not running Denzel for directing they nominated him for acting. So old that can't really happen. And the other movie which is about persons of color is hidden figures. Which won the sag award for ensemble acting in this about women. Of color who made an impact on the space program. But in the end to me this comes down despite nine nominees to two movies. One of them of course is La La land with the fourteen nominations and its young director Damien Gisele is I think a shoo in to win best director for this movie because. He's new in Hollywood him racing him. And embracing him. War basically reinventing the musical for new century for new generation which is what he's done. But I think the only movie that has a shot at beating him is moonlight. It's written and directed by Barry Jenkins. A black man raised in Miami as the main character and his movie is. Who is also like gaming she's now writing and creating from he's owned guts. And from what he believes him and what turns him on the most. So there's the two major contenders for best picture. Moonlight. And allow low. I think it's quite the iron eat because I think that La La land has their shot at landing if you don't get fourteen nominations. With out knowing that the academy loves this movie as Sally Field that you love me really let me they really really love. This movie. And yet there would be quite the irony in that sits. Since everything about La La land is basically about two white people. What if La La land wins. 1213 fourteen of its nominated things in a year where I'm saying the actors of color are likely to dominate. But the movie that everybody talks about is maybe the widest movie that came out and when he seventeenth may be Manchester by the C. Would have to be equal to it. So they have to look at that they have to look at what they're saying you know that's what the academy is. He can't really predict what 7000 people are gonna write on their secret ballot. But you have to know that these things are going in there had how did they want to be represented. And I'm gonna say just because slalom land is creative innovative. About actors Emma Stone is playing. An actress who's struggling who finally does have her dreams come true. That. All La La land streams are coming true Oscar. So go ahead mark your ballots and then we'll see who wins in the end.

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