Packers Biggest Fan Is 17 Months Old

Little Landon can name everything in this Packers fan book.
1:43 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for Packers Biggest Fan Is 17 Months Old
Pint -- Packers fan a super fan really because this toddler knows more about the green bay Packers and football in general than most of us here. And he can't even complete a sentence you to check out seventeen month old -- -- -- Monday. Former -- -- and what's this pool all she. So -- -- -- -- -- A whole. And it's really. -- -- star and has this. Yeah the -- yeah he and his this. Am glad you made you why -- -- -- -- for the Packers. Don't want the law. Let me stay home and an accident that -- I can't say -- you won me over well I was laying this -- like I was thinking this is like you know how people say and people are gonna get mad at me now because I'm comparing dogs and kids not my door and not a not -- I don't think tank but did not. Cohen says oh my dog can talk and and they show the -- right. They got sees -- I love money donated to remake. Love mommy does it sound -- you got me with this when you have hit actually system -- -- -- luckily today CN -- yeah. Green Bay Packers fans own the team this -- might ultimately doesn't and its name that's -- legal team and there is no. -- -- -- figure it out there.

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{"id":20305895,"title":"Packers Biggest Fan Is 17 Months Old","duration":"1:43","description":"Little Landon can name everything in this Packers fan book.","url":"/GMA/video/packers-biggest-fan-17-months-20305895","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}