Panda May Have Faked Pregnancy for More Food

A 6-year-old Giant Panda in China is believed to have feigned pregnancy to get food and better accommodations.
1:48 | 08/29/14

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Transcript for Panda May Have Faked Pregnancy for More Food
The giant panda sparking an uproar. Said to have faked the pregnancy possibly to receive more food and nicer accommodations. ABC's gio Benitez is here. There was a whole live broadcast planned out for the birth and then it turns out the panda was looking for luxury through a lie. People are going to find out. Not if we're careful. We usually see people faking pregnancies on soap operas like "Desperate housewives" and "General hospital." But this morning a soap opera is taking place where you would least expect it. This panda thought to be pregnant. The research base so excited they revealed she was about to get her own show starring in the first ever live broadcast of a panda birth but this morning zookeepers say despite showing all the signs of being pregnant like changes in appetite and hormones and moving less, she wasn't pregnant after all. Phantom pregnancies are Normal in pandas but they believe she might have been faking it to improve her quality of life. Turns out pregnant pandas at the Chengdu base are pampered with complete with air-conditioning, 24/7 care and extra bamboo, fruit and snacks. Pandas and other bears don't make it real easy to tell whether or not they're pregnant. We treat her as though she's pregnant whether she's pseudopregnant or actually pregnant. We just want to be ready in either case. Reporter: A black and white issue with in this case obvious shades of gray. Oh, wow. You know, she carried on the charade for some two months. She was rubbing her belly. No. You'd think an ultrasound would have worked. Too tiny. You can't see it. They're calling her brie now. Would you wear a

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{"id":25173151,"title":"Panda May Have Faked Pregnancy for More Food","duration":"1:48","description":"A 6-year-old Giant Panda in China is believed to have feigned pregnancy to get food and better accommodations.","url":"/GMA/video/panda-fakes-pregnancy-food-25173151","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}