Paralympian Stephani Victor's House Burglarized

Video recorded the burglars as they stole the Team USA skier's jewelry, electronics, medals and other valuables.
2:28 | 12/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paralympian Stephani Victor's House Burglarized
But first, here, caught on camera. The thieves targeting the home of a well-known paraolympian. They are rummaging through Stephanie victor's house making off with jewelry, electronics and cars. Even the medal she worked so hard to win. Marci Gonzales is here with this story. Good morning. She says the thieves can keep the electronics and the money but it's the priceless keepsakes that he can't replace that this champion athlete is so desperate to get back. This morning, this is not the only video on Stephanie's mind. Grinchlike thieves caught on surveillance camera breaking into the her home leaving little behind. They went into our kitchen, STA started eating ice cream out of the freezer. Over the course of the evening dismantling TV, computer, Christmas gifts. Reporter: At least eight surveillance cameras inside and outside the home giving police a clear picture of the suspects. But it's what else was missing from this ransacked mess that haunts victor -- Stephanie victor takes over the lead. Reporter: Including this the first steps she took after losing both legs in an accident. I have been shooting since the moment I woke up in icu, three years in the hospital, 14 surgeries, all of the doctors telling me you'll never walk again. Reporter: Hard drives holding the raw footage of 20 years of irreplaceable memories all stolen along with most of her olympic medals and ring. They say gold medalist, that doesn't mean anything to anyone. But it means something to me. Reporter: The police finding the couple's two missing cars but nothing else, saying they're still searching for these men. And police are telling people in that area to keep an eye out, hoping someone will recognize the men in those surveillance videos. As for Stephanie, she's pleading to get her videos back because she's been working on a documentary about her life. So frustrating. Absolutely. Thank you. Indra Peterson is here with

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Video recorded the burglars as they stole the Team USA skier's jewelry, electronics, medals and other valuables. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35741681","title":"Paralympian Stephani Victor's House Burglarized","url":"/GMA/video/paralympian-stephani-victors-house-burglarized-35741681"}