Parents turn to crowdfunding to support maternity leave

Thousands of new parents are turning to crowdfunding in order to financially support being able to go on maternity or paternity leave.
3:49 | 08/14/17

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That's how you know these are real. Weird. Yes. Look into the light, robin. The light bullbe. When you see the filament you know you need to use an unfrosted bulb. These are real and I might go to Charleston to see the eclipse. Why don't I just wear my sunglasses. It doesn't block the uv rays and there are no pain sensors on the back of the eye so this is not going to hurt you but it will damage your vision so take it seriously. Please do. Full approved list of glasses on our website and tune in next Monday for full coverage of the eclipse. David will be anchoring our live special at 1:00 P.M. Eastern on ABC. Make sure you have glasses, David. Only if I can get those glass, robin. She's still looking for the light. Cannot wait for that next week Monday, you can watch from your own home if you don't make it to one of those areas. Right now we turn to a new parenting trend. Moms and dads using crowdfunding sites to raise money to spend more time with their infants without the stress of returning to their work. Rebecca Jarvis has more. The U.S. Is the only developed country without any sort of national parental leave policy. Just 12% of private sector workers here have access to paid family leave through their companies and now some parents are taking this new increasingly common step to crowdfund their time off to bond and care for their newborn. Lisa Taylor is well prepared to become a mom. The new nursery in her Florida home is already filled with it items from her baby reg city but at the top of that list a unique request. Extended maternity leave. Lisa and her husband Josh are asking friends and family to crowdfund their time off with the new baby. I'm going to be out of work and that's going to be a big chunk of our combined income. Reporter: Thousands of parents like Lisa and Josh are turning to crowdfunding sites like baby list, plumfund and gofundme seeking financial help to subsidize parental leave. Families ask for between $500 and $10,000. On average people are asking for $2,000 to $3,000. Reporter: The United States is the only advanced country where paid leave isn't government sponsored. Under the current federal law new mothers can take off 12 weeks, but only 13% of them will get any compensation. Taylor and Ross desperately wanted that bonding time and started saving up early before they got the news their son Aidan would be born nine weeks early. I left work going to a doctor's appointment and didn't come back for three months. Reporter: Taylor had developed preee collapse Ya and had to be induced and turned to gofundme. How did you make the decision to crowdfund the maternity leave? Gofundme had been a thought. It had been something that was brought up but Ross was a little hesitant about it. Ross, what were your biggest rest ser vegass. These are intimatedetails of our lives that we were sort of putting out there for family, friends, public consumption. So it occurred to me that my pride, our privacy don't outweigh Taylor and Aidan getting the chance that they need to spend time together at this most crucial part of our lives. And they got that crucial time together. I asked Taylor and Ross would they do it again, would they crowdfund their parental leave and they said, yes, absolutely. Both congressional Democrats and the trump administration have proposals on the table that could guarantee families some paid time off. That could begin as early as next year and for many families it can't come soon enough. Maybes such a difference too. Have that time. To have that time, all right, Rebecca, thanks very much.

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{"id":49198675,"title":"Parents turn to crowdfunding to support maternity leave","duration":"3:49","description":"Thousands of new parents are turning to crowdfunding in order to financially support being able to go on maternity or paternity leave. ","url":"/GMA/video/parents-turn-crowdfunding-support-maternity-leave-49198675","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}