Patriots Coach Bill Belichick 'Shocked' by News of Deflated Balls

The New England Patriots head coach says his knowledge about preparation of game balls is "limited."
3:25 | 01/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Patriots Coach Bill Belichick 'Shocked' by News of Deflated Balls
I don't know. Sorrow buttress and they. The football issue here. I came in Monday morning I was shocked to. Learn of the news reports about the football's. I had no knowledge whatsoever of the situation until Monday morning. It's one and a lot more about this process on the last three days that I knew or talked about it last forty years those in this league. No knowledge. Of the various steps involved in the game balls and vote process. Went through that happened between when new we're prepared pan went to the officials went to the game. So I've learned a lot about. I and obviously understand. Each team has the opportunity prepare the balls when they want. It and that officials and the game officials. Either approve or disapprove. The bulls. That really was they under the from me. Thought were a little bit more about this loyalists blessed couple days. Let me just say that mine in personal coaching philosophy and my mentality. Has always then to. Make things as difficult as possible for players in practice. And so with regard to football's. I'm sure that any current or bass player. Of mine. Tell you that the polls we practice with a are as bad as they can be. Let sticky. Cold. Slippery. What do however bad we can make them on me. And any time that players complain about the quality of the bulls. Footballs are a Macomb worse. And that stops the the National Football League is investigating. This situation. Now we have cooperated. Fully. Quickly and completely with every request that they have made. Continue to be cooperative in any way that we can. I have no explanation for. What happened. And that's what their look and into so I can't comment on. What they're doing. That's something that you should talk to them about. And again my overall non college. Football specifications. The overall process. Happens on. Game day with the footballs is very limited. Let's say that they're in the course of the game. I didn't. Honestly never probably as happened on incomplete pass something but never touched it came bull that's not something. I have any familiarity with on that. And again I was completely. And wholly unaware. Any at this that we're talking about in the last couple days until Monday morning.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"The New England Patriots head coach says his knowledge about preparation of game balls is \"limited.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28399321","title":"Patriots Coach Bill Belichick 'Shocked' by News of Deflated Balls","url":"/GMA/video/patriots-coach-bill-belichick-shocked-news-deflated-balls-28399321"}