Peloton trainer Ally Love shares tips for working out at home

Love shares her top tips for getting in shape from the comfort of your home.
3:44 | 01/19/18

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Transcript for Peloton trainer Ally Love shares tips for working out at home
I got to say, it's quite a ride. If you haven't tried this you really do -- out of breath is real, people. It's great to be able to work out whenever you want. Wherever you want. The people from all around the country, we're just the New York portion. We're all over the place. Oh, boy. Robin, what you got. We're blessed to have ally love here. I love you even more. I love you even more right now. Form is very important. Tell us about it. You are always talking about T drebz of our knees and everything. So in order to get better you want to make sure your form is great so technique, we're in training every single time and remind everyone on the bike you want to make sure you're relaxed on the handlebar, back and long and knees and toe are tracking forward and bring awareness to that core so when you're out of that saddle with resistance over 40 you are going to be the boss you were meant to be and jog it out. You know what it is. How do you keep that up when you're out of the saddle. You don't want to bring your hips over your feet because what happens is you use your hamstring but bring that over the saddle. While using your core and think about running. Running it's one foot at a time. That's it. And then if you get -- yeah, you see. A little different. A little different. Cadence. You get a certain cadence and rhythm and I love how you guys do it all to music. Oh. That -- This cadence and you can go through the beats of the music and a lot of types I'm not on track. I watch your legs and keep pace with you. If you're not using output, effort, intensity and your cadence and resistance, if you're not using that on the bike you want something else that can monitor a goal. Set your set makes for success and you reach them. Keeping the beat of the music is awesome. Most of the time it connects us. Your playlist is incredible. How did you get involved. I was a dancer. I was a dancer and started modeling. Yeah, thanks. Go, nets. It was through my good friend robin. She was like you got to come to peloton. I don't know. On the list of do Adel cycling to the resume I have seems a bit intense then I came and it's more of a community that has really kept me going. It's live, it's on demand. It's behind us right now supporting us. And what she -- It is. It's beautiful. Your positivity. You just radiate that and there's something you say that always gets me when you say, don't do it because you want to. Do it because you can. Exactly. What do you mean. I truly believe that. One of the things, I know former athletes. I believe everyone is an athlete. That's what I mean when I say boss up. Being your best self. I'm not saying you're going to have the best day. We all have bad days. Absolutely. It's one of those things where you do saddle up that you can say, you know what, I'll devote my time here and just do what I can in that moment. Every moment is not guaranteed so why not enjoy it That's true. Well, ally love, ally love, we enjoy riding with you and whether at home or in the studio. What a blessing. This is something else. We're used to seeing you here. Now you're here. Yes. A big thank you to robin, ally love, all the riders in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and all over the country who are riding this morning and stay tuned. I have a question. Did you plan on being this out

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Love shares her top tips for getting in shape from the comfort of your home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52451435","title":"Peloton trainer Ally Love shares tips for working out at home","url":"/GMA/video/peloton-trainer-ally-love-shares-tips-working-home-52451435"}