Seven People Killed in Egypt During Violent Anti-Government Protests

Protesters call for "second revolution" on one year anniversary of President Morsi's inauguration
2:19 | 06/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Seven People Killed in Egypt During Violent Anti-Government Protests
And a new showdown, and a potential civil war in egypt today. Seven people, including an american college student have been killed in violent anti-government protests. All of the one year anniversary of the president's inauguration. This could boil over. Alex marquardt is in egypt with the latest. Reporter: Good morning. Cairo is bracing for massive and likely violent protests against the president. These protesters on tahrir square, are loudly calling for a second revolution. Even before the main protest began, there have been two day was violent clashes that have seen supporters and opponents of president morsi. Many of those who fought side by side to oust the long-time dictator are now fighting each other. Liberal opponents say he's trying to impose his muslim brotherhood values on the country, doing nothing to rebuild it. The opposition is joined by the old enemies, supporters of mubarak. Looking for a better life, more democracy. We don't want the muslim brotherhood. We are not liking morsi, we are going to stay on the streets until he leaves. Reporter: An opposition group called rebellion claims to have 22 million signatures, a quarter of all egyptians, calling for early elections. They cay accused the united states of backing the muslim brotherhood while the u.S. Says they are siding with the opponents. 150 people have been wounded since the protests began on friday, seven killed. Among them, 21-year-old american student, andrew poctor, he was caught on friday and stabbed. They said he was there to learn the language and teach children and wanted to move there. President obama isn't taking sides and calling for calm. But the u.S. Embassy closed today. President morsi moved his family for safety, many afraid that egypt is on the cusp of civil war.

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{"id":19535728,"title":"Seven People Killed in Egypt During Violent Anti-Government Protests ","duration":"2:19","description":"Protesters call for \"second revolution\" on one year anniversary of President Morsi's inauguration","url":"/GMA/video/people-killed-egypt-violent-anti-government-protests-19535728","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}