Pinterest Fails: How Perfect Looking Treats Can Go Horribly Wrong

ABC News' special correspondent Melissa Rycroft attempts to make "Pinterest perfect" Cookie Monster cupcakes.
4:53 | 01/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pinterest Fails: How Perfect Looking Treats Can Go Horribly Wrong
Time now think for Pinterest fails. We've all seen the perfect-looking treats on Pinterest. So delicious to look at. You think that can't be too hard to make only to be proven horribly wrong. All morning long our correspondent Melissa Rycroft is attempting to make Pinterest perfect cookie monster cupcakes. We'll see how she did. Attempted to the right word, you know. I'm a mom of two and make a killer peanut butter and jelly sandwich but this cupcake proved more difficult than I thought it was going to. Are we going to see it the big reveal. Fail or perfection? Pinterest style. Well -- Wah-wah. A Picasso version. I think I perfected the Pinterest fails as much as I tried. They all seem to bomb like this but I'll be honest, I kind of think the fun is when you bomb. The pictures are pretty classic. And just for yucks I had my hand on another trendy Pinterest recipe so take a look at how it turned out. Perfect pages of Pinterest where those seeking inspiration come to play. Endless pages of beautiful craft, home decor and recipes. Makes me feel like I could be Martha Stewart. But these do it yourself ideas don't always come with a do it successful guarantee. That's where the Pinterest fail comes in. Pinterest fails happen to good people like me. Tried to achieve this. But got this. Reporter: These are Pinterest fails, disas house attempts at making these photos. I personally had such bad ones they're epic. So end barsing I have refused to document them. It's something Sonja knows all too well. There is a big community of people who try things on Pinterest and fail and just have a good time laughing about it. Reporter: The recipe to a Pinterest fail goes something like this. Start with a heavy dose of inspiration. Everyone wants a cake in a mason jar. Add in a big scoop of confidence. Just be so delicious and so easy to make. Swirl in a misstep or two. Do you know how hard it is to form a Turkey out of rice krispies. And you've got yourself a perfect Pinterest fail. This is my peach cake. It doesn't look like a peach cake. There's a biscuit as you can see it's really hard. Reporter: But even with all the fails I've had I'm going to attempt to conquer the rainbow cake in a jar. It took Kenzie two attempts to get this. They were more like rainbow volcanoes in mason jars. After mixing, dyeing, pouring and still holding out faith that when it cooks, it'll look like this. And baking, kind of like a Pinterest mediocre fail and I'm okay with that. I'm fine. Oh, all right, so it didn't go quite as planned. Tie-dye cake with melted icing on it. Definitely a fail but that's all right. You are not alone. "A" for effort, my friend. That's what it's all about. Amy, look, you're eyeing this cake. Get over here. So Sonja is not afraid to fail. You have a blogger called pinterester. You're willing to fail so we don't have to. This is not an easy recipe, this rainbow cake so what can you tell us about how to turn this into this? Well, so I think the most common thing that people mess up when they try this recipe is they fill the jars way too full so you see it's got -- ? That's what I did. Like a volcano. Out of the jar. So all overflowed and goes everywhere. The other thing that people tend to miss is that the colors will run together if you use a really thin batter so like if you use cake mix like I do because who doesn't use cake mix. Right. Then they all just kind of running to and if you don't get your water in the pan, then the colors turn kind of brown or yucky. Not a good look in doesn't turn out quite right. I thank you for taking one for the team because I will tell you that when it turns out right it is oh so right. I bet you even that tastes delicious. It's still cake. It doesn't look pretty. We do have our and Pinterest -- You can get our Pinterest tricks online. Thanks, sonj and Melissa on how to frost cookie monster cupcakes. We want to see your Pinterest fails and successes. Go to on Yahoo! Robin, we tested all of these. Ginger to for a final check on the weather.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"ABC News' special correspondent Melissa Rycroft attempts to make \"Pinterest perfect\" Cookie Monster cupcakes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28216640","title":"Pinterest Fails: How Perfect Looking Treats Can Go Horribly Wrong","url":"/GMA/video/pinterest-fails-perfect-treats-horribly-wrong-28216640"}