Pittsburgh Police 'Didn't Witness Assault' on Reds' Wife

Police won't file charges against Pirates fan accused of punching Dallas Latos at a bar inside PNC Park.
2:37 | 10/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pittsburgh Police 'Didn't Witness Assault' on Reds' Wife
When what I spoke with her this was after the incident occurred when she brought the curious she claimed that she had been punched two to three times in the head and -- -- Yeah. Who do yes. People who were no arrests have all the people. They have. It was. -- you know who. We have we have a woman's identity yes and that was provided to mrs. lot of should -- -- decide to pursue this is a product from the complaint. And it -- again about why. Life you know who allegedly -- -- The police we do witnessed the assault it's -- he says she said the situation. And even if we had witnessed the assault. Baseball below this -- -- level and harassment were a simple assault. We -- made a physical rest lastly anyhow because we -- -- responded by a summons or arrests so the end result would be the same. Here. I don't say that -- -- that -- the real aggravating injuries here look complaints of aggravated injury but no broken bones -- What he -- -- black guy. Again this is something that kind of rises to the level of a harassment assault harassment -- -- -- Certain people we're in the other players like we're in the -- and I'm unaware that. -- -- I don't want. I want -- fire this time. -- There were approximately seven -- below par in Cincinnati fans and both male -- anything else. Your inbox it is -- All numbers that were there. Appeared to have been drinking and intoxicated one level protection. -- All all numbers that are. Appeared to be intoxicated -- level. I'm saying that all people involved were drinking and appeared to be intoxicated. Eight. Might I wasn't there that I can. -- you know. I think that this was just. Overzealous fans in banter back and we're pleased Pittsburgh and Cincinnati fans -- -- There there was alcohol involved that's incessantly things I think that all those ingredients whether robbery market.

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{"id":20447552,"title":"Pittsburgh Police 'Didn't Witness Assault' on Reds' Wife","duration":"2:37","description":"Police won't file charges against Pirates fan accused of punching Dallas Latos at a bar inside PNC Park.","url":"/GMA/video/pittsburgh-police-didnt-witness-assault-reds-wife-20447552","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}