Close Call at Newark Airport

A near collision brought two planes within 130 yards of one another.
1:53 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for Close Call at Newark Airport
We're going to get to the incredibly close call on the runway at Newark international. A new report detailing just how close the two jets came. ABC's David Kerley is in Washington. Has the latest for us. Good morning, David. Reporter: Good morning, robin. The first indication was we had a close call here. But the new report shows these jets were frighteningly closer than we ever knew. We knew it was close. 4100, contact departure. All right. He was real close, sir. Reporter: But this morning, the details about the aviation nightmare less than a month ago. As an express jet, a jet was landing to the west, on an intersecting runway. The controller tells the united jet to immediately veer off. 1243 go around. Traffic off to your left, departing. Reporter: Seconds later, the warning to the express jet. 4100, traffic off to your right. Do you have him in sight? Yeah. We're putting the nose down. And, yeah, he's real close. Reporter: FAA radar data show the jets were 50 yards away from one another. With the smaller jet dipping its nose, it was less than a football field away. A little more than 130 yards below the bigger jet. Over in just seconds. He was real close, sir. What happened here, is something that should never have occurred. But once it did, the teamwork to goes on, got efshg out of it. The pilots doing the right thing. The controller doing the right thing. Reporter: These incidents spiked a couple of years ago. But the close calls reversed in trend. They were down last year, robin. The calmness of the pilots really puts you at ease. As a passenger, not knowing this happened. Now, to the major meat

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{"id":23793633,"title":"Close Call at Newark Airport","duration":"1:53","description":"A near collision brought two planes within 130 yards of one another.","url":"/GMA/video/planes-collide-newark-airport-23793633","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}