Passengers Stuck on Amtrak Train for More Than 12 Hours

About 500 were stranded in rural Illinois after the train became stranded in snow drifts.
3:00 | 01/07/14

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Transcript for Passengers Stuck on Amtrak Train for More Than 12 Hours
To the three amtrak trains stuck in the snow west of chicago at this hour. Abc's ryan owens has the latest on this breaking story. Reporter: Robin, good morning to you. We're in indianapolis where it's all of negative 14 degrees, which I think makes me the winner or perhaps the loser this morning but at least the interstates are finally now open, but it is slow-going here and speaking of, it is no going for those passengers on that train. Stuck in a snow bank, that's how more than 500 amtrak passengers find themselves this morning, some 80 miles outside of chicago. Emergency nurse brian plumber is among those who spent the last 14 hours stranded. You know, everybody's anxiety went off. You're unsure of the unknown. Reporter: Three train, the southwest chief from los angeles, the illinois zephyr and california zephyr from san francisco literally ground to a halt about 4:00 monday afternoon in rural illinois. After 14 hours, as you might imagine, the living conditions on board are less than ideal. Especially in the bathroom. We wanted to know what was going on, but a lot of the updates we kept getting were keep on waiting. We have to wait for this information or keep on waiting, we have to wait for this equipment. Reporter: Emergency crews are on scene but there's not much they can do and amtrak says for now the safest place to be is on those trains. It's been a pretty rough night out there on the railroad and supplies, food, there's power on the trains and so the safest course of action is really for them to stay where they are. Reporter: Amtrak is trying to figure out how to tow the trains, one action, put them on the highways. That wouldn't work so well here in indiana where the governor shut down the interstates for a time monday. Air travel, just look at this picture I snapped from the airplane after landing in indianapolis. Hundreds are stranded here. And an update from amtrak on the rescue efforts for those more than 500 people stranded. Amtrak tells us they have finally managed to get some buses there. They're loading those passengers onto the buses. They will now head to chicago. George, talk about a long journey. I'll bet. Okay, ryan, thanks very much. Thank goodness for that.

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{"id":21447649,"title":"Passengers Stuck on Amtrak Train for More Than 12 Hours","duration":"3:00","description":"About 500 were stranded in rural Illinois after the train became stranded in snow drifts.","url":"/GMA/video/polar-vortex-effects-travel-passengers-stuck-amtrak-train-21447649","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}