Police Officials Thank Hostage Taker for Taking Care of Child

Negotiations continue with the man who holds a kid hostage in underground bunker in Alabama.
2:37 | 02/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Officials Thank Hostage Taker for Taking Care of Child
We turn to day six of the chilling siege in rural alabama where a 5-year-old autistic boy is being held in an underground bunker. In an odd twist negotiators are publicly thanking the gunman. Gio benitez has the latest. This is a surprising development. Reporter: It really is. You know, bianna, this public thank you is a surprise to nearly everyone here and it came in the form of a press conference. We've had an open line of communication with mr. Dykes. Reporter: It was an unexpected moment of gratitude. I want to thank him for taking care of our child. That's very important. Reporter: The local sheriff thanking 65-year-old hostage-taker jimmy lee dykes for the care of his 5-year-old victim. He's told us that he has an electric heater and blankets inside that he's taking care of him. Reporter: Abc news learned dykes requested that a reporter go down into the bunker to speak with him. In these satellite images you can see how secluded the area is from the busiest pars of town in southern alabama. Through a ventilation pipe, dykes is allowing negotiators to send ethan potato chips, coloring books, toys and medicine. I'm wondering if he's crying for his momma because him and his momma are very close. Reporter: Cindy steiner lives right next door to the boy ethan who has been at the center of a hostage crisis. Tuesday afternoon, police say dykes got on to a school bus and after demanding two children, he h shot and killed driver charles poland and kidnapped ethan. Ethan is a very loving little boy. He has lots of energy. He loves his momma. Loves to be hugged. Reporter: That's what you told me. He's a boy that loves to be hugged. He'll go up to anybody and ask them for a hug. Reporter: She says ethan's mother is deaf stated and worried. Because of ethan being autistic, he has behavioral problems and she don't want him to get in one of those moods where he's uncontrollable. She's scared that would happen. Reporter: If ethan is able to watch this right now, what would you say to him directly? Ethan, hang tough, little We love you. We are praying for you. Reporter: And now the very real possibility that ethan could spend his birthday in captivity. He turns 6 next week. Dan, bianna. Just unbelievable. Almost going on a week now, this poor little 5-year-old boy. Time for a check of the other developing stories.

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{"id":18390396,"title":"Police Officials Thank Hostage Taker for Taking Care of Child","duration":"2:37","description":"Negotiations continue with the man who holds a kid hostage in underground bunker in Alabama.","url":"/GMA/video/police-officials-hostage-taker-taking-care-child-18390396","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}