Police Search for Motive in Maryland Mall Shooting

Jeff Zeleny reports the latest news of the deadly shooting inside the mall.
3:00 | 01/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Search for Motive in Maryland Mall Shooting
That's what the president wants. But a shooting at a big and busy mall. And this morning, police investigating what may have sent the gunman into a killer raise. Jeff, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Dan. It all happened in an instant, witnesses said, and not a single word was exchanged between the gunman and his victims before a burst of shotgun blasts sparked an afternoon of horror. They worked to secure the deadly scene at the mall in Columbia, Maryland. Bringing in robots to disable two crude devices who killed two mall employees before turning the gun on himself. Kids are hiding in the bathroom in the upper areas. Police are scouring surveillance to make sense of the crime. There were a lot of people here at the Columbia mall Saturday morning at 11:15. This was a scary incident. A domestic argument is the leading theory behind the killing of the two employees. 21-year-old mother Brianna benlolo, and 24-year-old Tyler Johnson. The shooting, just outside Washington on Saturday, sparked terror for hundreds of shoppers and store employees. I heard more than ten shots. People running and scream. And I heard boom, boom, boom. For many, saving the children became the number one priority. I grabbed every kid that I could see and ran into sears to keep them safe. It's horrifying. It's just horrifying. Just protect the kids. Reporter: And others didn't know where to go. Where do you go? You're in a fitting room. You're still just as vulnerable. Reporter: Authorities are trying to piece together how the man entered the mall with so much fire power. Really what malls have to do is improve their cameras, improve their private security and be able to immediately react. Reporter: Now authorities tell me the shooter had enough ammunition to kill so many more people, but he appeared to only target those two victims. Now his name is not being released, but police are searching his apartment trying to piece together what put him on a path too kill. Thanks to you. And joined by sandy and her daughter who were at the mall when shots rang out. Good morning after what I imagine was a traumatic night. Thank you for joining us. Good morning, thank you. And sandy, I want to begin with you. Set the scene. You were at a store that was located directly below where the shots rang out, correct? Yes, that's correct. We were in American eagle in the back in the dressing room area. What was the initial thing that you first heard? We heard a loud bang and we weren't quite sure what it was. My daughter thought that it could be gun shots, and we were just kind of waiting to see what would happen. Then we heard two more. And then finally a fourth. And Courtney, what did you do then when you realized there were gun shots going off at the mall? Where did you go? We were near the dressing room, I was trying clothes on. We got in the dressing room and crouched on top of the bench so that our feet weren't going to be seen under the dressing room. We didn't know what was going on. We just knew there were gun shots. Can you describe the scene? Was it chaos? Was it orderly? It was surreal. It was really quiet. There was just another lady and her small baby in a dressing room near us. Your husband, Steve, a police officer, was at the mall, did he hear the gun shots too? Did he know what was happening? He was a little bit closer to the gun shots than we were. He was right near the food court area. He heard ask saw everybody running. How long did it take before you talked to him? He called immediately probably after the third shot and he did tell us that there were -- there was a shooter in the mall. So we knew at least that much. And fortunately we were able to stay on the cell phone with him the whole time. That made us feel better. And as a police officer, he's trained for these events. Was he tell you what to do in the moment? He did tell us that we were doing the right thing, and staying there was the correct thing to do. Let's just talk what you were feeling, what was going on inside? How frightened were you and in you wanted to protect your daughter, Courtney as well. Yes, it was quite scary just because we didn't know what was going on. And sandy, in the future is this going to deter you before you head out to another crowded shopping mall? It will definitely be in my mind. You know, it's going to always be there. It won't prevent me from going out again. But I think it will be a little while before I do. I can imagine. We are so thankful you are okay and able to union us and tell us your story and you were able to turn to your father for some help. Thank you. Thanks. And you can't blame sandy for thinking twice before going out to another shopping mall. But she said the police reaction was prompt and probably prevented other deaths. It's so scary in a mall. And they were fortunate to have their father walking them through. Really interesting to hear their perspective.

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{"id":21998399,"title":"Police Search for Motive in Maryland Mall Shooting","duration":"3:00","description":"Jeff Zeleny reports the latest news of the deadly shooting inside the mall.","url":"/GMA/video/police-search-motive-maryland-mall-shooting-21998399","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}