Do Your Kids Need a Screen Intervention?

ABC News' Dr. Richard Besser studies how spending too much time in front a screen really affects children's behavior.
4:08 | 09/24/15

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Transcript for Do Your Kids Need a Screen Intervention?
Time now for a special two-part series looking at the amount of time we spend on phones, computers and tablets, a new poll revealing nearly half of all moms and dads think their kids spend too much time in front of screens. Agreed. ABC's Dr. Richard Besser set out to find the impact it has on our kids. Reporter: Screen, parents can't live with aot paltissen ceiling is often to blame, a new study out ofhe T hrdvaarbu siness school found that women when given the chance may note B so eager to climb the corporate ladder. According to the study while women believe that getting promoted was well within their reach, compared to men, women viewed high-level positions as less desirable and anticipated more negative omoutces. The studyols andou F that men tend to be more motivated by WER Po womenave H a higher number of life inmeanhag wt tomenon't D see work as the end all be all. You have to miss day care pickup and miss family dinner every night it's probably not worth it. This and joining us now "Gma's" wo toys and iPads. This is teacher Tory. Reporter: When we bring the kids in the room the two boys Garrett and milo beeline for the iPads while the girls choose toys. The thing that surprised me the most was that more children weren't attracted to the screens. Girls as they get older tend to be more involved in that imaginary play. Reporter: While there's no research to show boys favor technology more than girls at this age, look what happens when we try to distract milo from the iPad. Milo, what are you playing? There's no response, right? They get glued. They really get glued to technology. But the girls never fully tune out their environment talking, interacting, connecting. Are all the people up there? You put them all in there? Yes. She's not missing what's going on in the rest of her environment. Reporter: But the boys can't even hear the teacher calling their name. They were incredibly focused. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? That's not bad if it's a part of their day, if it's not all day. But some children would be on a screen all day if given a choice. Reporter: Next we take away all the iPads but one. Garrett dominates it. Milo has trouble transitioning and wanders around for two minutes. When the last iPad is taken away, the boys join the girls in being more social. Verbal, and creative. Even though they were really engaged and focused, they could create, they could see what other children were doing. They were reacting to each other. They were reacting to each other. They were watching each other. Just such an important part of early childhood. And here with me now is Dr. Richard Besser. It was shocking to see the gender issues with this. Yeah, you know, I could have watched these 1kids all day. As a parent and pediatrician, what you learn from play is fascinating. What really struck me was that only those kids would were really playing with toys seemed to be having fun. Everyone was engaged. You know, they were focused on what they were doing but the girl, they were talking to each other. They were smiling. They were laughing. Oh, it was fun. It's what you think of as fun. What do kids learn in free play that they don't learn with electronicsy. You learn life skills. So you learn to use your imagination and curiosity. No rules when you have those toys. They learn how to engage in negotiation and compromise. How do you get someone to join your world? How do you lead? How do you follow and learn social cues looking at faces. Did I make somebody unhappy. Did I give them pleasure? Those things you need to use in life and if your face did down looking at electronics you don't learn any of ha. Focused on our kids but robin pointed this out, kettle black, kettle black. Us adults are doing the same thing. And our kids are learn hag. My kids do it to me all the time, dad, dad, dad, I'm on my device and it goes both ways. There are some electronics and some apps good for your kids. We'll get into that. Lots of tips on what to use and how to control the time. All right. In the meantime, Dr. Besser will be taking all of your questions on Twitter this morning and I'm sure people have a lot of them.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"ABC News' Dr. Richard Besser studies how spending too much time in front a screen really affects children's behavior.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34002341","title":"Do Your Kids Need a Screen Intervention?","url":"/GMA/video/poll-shows-kids-spending-time-front-screens-34002341"}