Pop-Up Ad Creator Apologizes For His Slightly Annoying Creation

Sara Haines reports the top stories in the Pop News Heat Index.
3:06 | 08/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pop-Up Ad Creator Apologizes For His Slightly Annoying Creation
Time for "Pop news." He doesn't use up any of my time. We have food and sea lions today. A big apology. It involved one of the most annoying things about surfing the internet. Those anowing pop-up ads. I think that, whoa. There sit. Get it. Get et off the screen. Get it off the screen. She's been practicing this, everybody. Won't go away, will it? It's really. Give it the pokey. The pokey. Lit get it. The man who invented them now says he's sorry, writing in the atlantic, he admits it's one of the most hated advertising tools around. There are a bunch of other creative ways to get advertising dollars rolling that don't make you want to put your hands through the commuter screen. We're so excited to tell you about a competition on "Gma" this week that involves all of you at home. We all know about the cronut. Or how about the pretzel-fried chicken. The peanut butter and jelly French toast gets me -- hello, it's food. Monday kicks off "Gma's" mix and mashup. The next big thing in food. What is this? That is a waffle something. Peanut butter and jelly on a waffle. It's a hybrid. Just eat it. Is it any good, Ron? The expert foodies. It is. Tweet us your best, most creative idea with #gmamashup. Do you like it? Dan's refusing to take a bite. Are we on a special carb diet again? No, no. Give me my moment. She's too highest paid actress on television. That doesn't mean Sofia Vergara doesn't like a bargain like the rest of us. She looks like a million bucks. You can snag that sexy number for only $68 from an online store called my reinvolving closet. I have a feeling when the word gets out that hot little number will be snapped up. Today is black cat appreciation day. We have special guests. Kaylee, moonlight, and midnight. Though some people say black cats are not as adoptable, the aspca says that's a myth. These three will be adoptable as soon as they're old enough to leave the shelter. How about you? I have two chi chis. How about you? I'm really, really tempted. As I have said in this country, T there are hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs put down. Call us and we'll help you adopt

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{"id":25012426,"title":"Pop-Up Ad Creator Apologizes For His Slightly Annoying Creation","duration":"3:06","description":"Sara Haines reports the top stories in the Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/pop-ad-creator-apologizes-slightly-annoying-creation-25012426","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}