George Clooney Sings in Spanish!

"The Monuments Men" actor sings little Spanish ditty from youth.
3:00 | 02/07/14

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Transcript for George Clooney Sings in Spanish!
Flow we come to the end of the -- tried this with you before. With no success until it hoping today you mellow you know there's changed it's -- -- this I don't know. But it always ends and saw OK and I tried many times have you do a little moment of some of it rose there's. You know I've you here's -- thing. IPod Touch I don't resonating. In all the that you here's -- -- I. My -- brother were. It wasn't you know. Will I -- into recording studio did you and T bone Burnett and agility than assumed because I was -- -- -- Nephew -- that I would be a great thing. And I kind of -- that -- and then we got into the recording studio. And I sang man of constant sorrow with him. All the music playing and then I finished I look up and is that glass -- took all of a minute and no one will look me in the Ehrlich. And ago. New c'mon who listened to it and the playback and it was pretty bad there was actually it was so bad it made them destroy it. Then and and they brought in Dan Kaminsky and he -- but that's difficult song it is difficult it was just looking for something because you don't usually like obviously you look at. Eight could be don't fence me in she is Thursday that. She's saying it might that's what you mean clerk Connie attitude toward commitment don't that's -- and you. It's think it would while -- well simpler what you did -- -- unprovoked personal attack just like everybody -- I would tell you what. She used to -- we were kids it was. Should sing the song and I don't even know what it means. Good but it was she my father it's and we get in the car drivers -- One that agrees that existed agrees that used to be cities that -- used to own the teams that existed in cities that he considered mr. -- go -- where we -- what are we gonna do well on our way to somewhere that we have less than you. When we see their who will be there would be the big surprise there may be seen yet he does with -- and flashing -- were on highway runaway. Back up your back pocket and if we stay if we stay there won't come back who come back how can we go. Hold on the existence of existence to reduce the instance that when the teams that existence that -- was that it is that -- was. We're the Coen Brothers now I know. That's -- was -- -- odds -- childhood song -- I'm happy that I can go on that day. That -- they -- that you sent.

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{"id":22406644,"title":"George Clooney Sings in Spanish!","duration":"3:00","description":"\"The Monuments Men\" actor sings little Spanish ditty from youth.","url":"/GMA/video/popcorn-karaoke-george-clooney-22406644","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}