'Popcorn With Peter Travers': Jessica Chastain

Oscar-winning star talks her role in "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby."
11:41 | 09/12/14

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Transcript for 'Popcorn With Peter Travers': Jessica Chastain
-- -- -- -- Flu trying to leave first then imminent threat from meat cheese and looking. -- -- street. -- Everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's -- happening now called the disappearance of sonar rig. It's actually story of a relationship that has a big break -- trauma dropped right in the middle of its. -- him in this story is James Mack a voice and -- her. Is Jessica chess game. The Golden Globe winner two time Academy Award nominations so great and so -- that I didn't think I would actually get her here. But I wanna say to -- that if you don't see the disappearance of Eleanor Rigby. You will be missing one of the best performances you'll see anywhere so welcome to. And why I don't know if I say that since its introduction -- called me and talk. When you know had -- like you are. I think it started with the -- second nomination. About -- unity it was just -- yeah it happened really. It's Alia we are my people. People. I don't eat Martins and an end because they're disgusting. And you that you -- aren't stressed that -- it just. We I don't want to go there because there's tenderness to this man yet. So tell us because I have a lot of questions about this movie that everybody does when they hear about its structure and one in -- But what got you to say. I want to do this. Well the first thing. Was the love for my friends to be honest. And they have known -- -- writer director for over ten years. And and he gave me the despair accelerate the -- asked me if I was likely -- -- So beautiful and I was really interested it but that I said. Just kind of feels like. She doesn't really have anything to say we -- not understand why she does this I wanna know more about her perspective. So -- -- went -- wrote a whole another movie. The same story from the female perspective. And that's how we began we have -- back boys found they have my phone. And now we're at a combination of the two which is this parents -- beat them. You see he said that as it makes -- -- Everybody out then everyone in likely -- that one -- an -- and they're all saying. I mean there's that horror and their -- and as it down. And the studio is like slapping my -- -- saying there is no them anymore it's just the disappearance of Eleanor Rigby yes. Yes so now I've confuse the issue even more. I wanna see you people that you could see -- disappearance. Eleanor Rigby that used to be called them. That is in some way combination of her and him one right now. You could just go out there and see -- that later. You can -- her and you could see him. Exactly the disappearance of honoring the -- -- just like -- in love story and it's it's an adult love story because it's about. Typical things that people -- When. Not in the romantic idea of and then not peace and unity if you decide when a deeper into the can't. I think you've been releasing and her a month later he can actually see our -- while. One can spend a hundred -- live now is now all he's Ken Allard -- to -- it was OK just. And -- that clear the DVD I'm sure with the extra power will be in there and -- McIlroy is like behind the scenes advancements. There really amazed yeah. I don't want to give -- too much of what's going on in this accepted that when I said there was a brick thrown into a relationship there it. And yet this couple. I think anybody can relate to it that's been part of a couple in their own life when something happens that separates. You in terms of that. The was. Was that claim this -- when you were doing to her and him -- we doing them all together what did you make one movie and then do the other. Now we did everything altogether. I mean we're shooting. The perspectives -- we would treat each one like it was a separate scenes so there's a scene in a car. You know -- Connor and that's in both phones and we would shoot before lunch. With his -- And we -- a certain cost him. The -- society be different because his perspective. The lunch and -- we come back to same location. Different cost him slightly different different colors are. You know cuts in the cost him. And then found her version of the line to be slightly different because it's her perspective. So in a -- like. Playing two different characters as -- Eleanor Rigby. In her and then I was playing. Connors perception of elementary -- -- him. I guess -- now it's coming out this weekend. It's like that -- the saying it's your version of the truth my version of the truth and then there's the truth and perhaps -- line coming out now is the truth. Maybe I don't know maybe and then when you go and then you can site will -- I believe the girl and I believe -- The hurt him in terms of my marriage has always -- that -- -- to sell out that it should always be right -- I'm always right -- In my situation. I had just read about this recently we have never talked about it that you had gotten a scholarship or -- -- from Robin Williams who sadly -- just lost. Now it's so dad was in his name -- them -- well he actually was -- I think you know. After he died more monsters are coming out. Actually how generous this once and he had a generosity. That was so pure because it wasn't necessarily about. Getting any attention for -- and he gave just again not for any kind -- singular feat that. But he was alumni of the school I went to Juilliard. Every two years he gives scholarships to student. That paid for everything. And it made it possible for me to graduate college and the first person my family to graduate from college. And that's because of Robin Williams -- never got to meet him it's a clown like. Such a loss like. But -- could ever make him think you have yet I've -- I wrote him to a couple letters. With like. Like the most like kind of embarrassing thank you letters like Sosa giving change my life -- -- things. And he and I communicated through other people just like such -- worked with and -- She would like send -- common sense that circuit in you know all the stuff. But it's -- strange thing to have. A stranger make a profound. Change in your life. And the sad thing is I'm never an opportunity pain that. So I'm trying to like think. Ways that I can continue. To. The inspired by his spirit of generosity and I'd love to keep the scholarship going that he has Chris I can't afford you know what he could afford but. But like create this foundation. And to make sure that there's in his name and so there is still. This thing continue -- -- I I think that's like to keep that legacy of generosity that he had member. When you told me that your parents didn't believe that you actually in the movies that he had done these movies so much because here and with Alpa -- you did sound and I would -- not let her come out not come out even though he's taking it to London and you're there when yet in. Then it wasn't just the movie of the Oscar Wilde play but. The documentary. I hadn't seen. Really -- Tina when it's interesting because especially the documentary for sly look like a baby -- -- public. And then -- -- stripping -- doing the dance craze of the dragon like all the stuff like it that's your first movie and dignity hey mom. I know when they found a place and they knew it like I was doing the dance the seventh album play. In number -- it would buy it with everything that everybody yes. But. It's interesting to see the documentary because it's the beginning my -- it's my first -- And -- this documentary could crew following us surroundings. And you see me coming into my own as an actress it's really fascinating I'm so glad. To have that it's like the most beautiful keepsake that Xperia well it's great but people 98 -- and say. Why she coming into our honor considered well our -- what happens. Yes well I'll let. You know when I finally did see it but he's -- these projects are enormous in scope and just back from the Toronto film festival where he. You decide to do -- number. OK yeah this is not your superhero movie that. -- -- -- -- -- Listen politely declined as the draft that's why that's it right there I mean listen I'm Lester and heard -- study eastern -- Check off its in Shakespeare all the -- of the classics at school. But when you're rats would you like to to miss truly affected -- legal name. My answer automatically is yes because for me she's such an important. Part of film history. And I knew that for the rest of my life I would have these stories. Tolerance and a little -- little things that you teach me. Talking about birth men and recent -- incredible legacy that she has. So yep that's that's how I found myself there and see Bret glad I did. All right you know it's the wild part. Of this interview because you've done the shot several times so you know we ended song the last time it was Christmas and we -- blue -- instead. And I don't know if you no Eleanor Rigby as a song. And -- -- -- I never even -- you the meaning that but it's very close to -- Eleanor that you're playing this. And also for an actress it's you know -- in the face and then charge that you. Who's it for you think. All the -- in the that he. So late in that meeting is and operate the pics of -- highest that the church -- landing -- thing. The lives and Antonin. And that's the thing about -- All of -- there -- people. -- -- -- come from. We do they -- -- they basically testing. Let's end with that we do things come -- they'll come from -- that's the question for them there won't have pondered that. While we sing us that this.

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