Pope Back in Public After Another Canceled Event

The Vatican says Pope Francis is experiencing exhaustion and advisors are encouraging him to slow down.
2:21 | 06/28/14

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Transcript for Pope Back in Public After Another Canceled Event
canceled an event at the last minute. The Vatican said he's oak, but this is happening regularly lately. Good morning. Reporter: That's right. There are concerns about his overall health. The cancellations happened quite a few times recently. But the pope is back to work as of this morning, resuming his Normal schedule of activities. He reportedly looked a bit tired with a bit of a cough, but smiling and meeting with the president of Madagascar just a few hours ago. This morning, pope Francis is back to home after a bout of exhaustion sparked worldwide concerns about his health. The pope canceling a scheduled appearance at an afternoon mass on Friday. Sources tell ABC news, pope Francis felt too fatigued after celebrating mass earlier in morning, and bowed out only an hour before he was supposed to appear at another. This is the eighth time since November the pope has canceled an event. Three this month alone. Since he was elected in 2013, the 77-year-old has appeared in public seemingly non-stop. Traveling around the world, greeting his faithful followers and testing the limits of his energy. This is a 77-year-old man with a grueling travel schedule, and he's take tag break to recover from that. Reporter: On a recent trip to the holy land, the pope is seen cautionly kneeling down, showing his age the Vatican say it's exhaustion, but observers say he's putting on weight, a bad back, and lives, a lung gone from a disease when he was younger. Some of his advisers are encouraging him to slow down, but he's not stopping. Reporter: Although the weekly appearances are canceled until August, the Vatican doesn't seem worried. There are no reasons to be concerned about the health of the pope. Pope Francis is known from breaking from tradition. He didn't take the summer holiday last summer, and no vacation plans this year. He needs a vacation. We're reminded how vulnerable he is with one healthy lung. Good to see him smiling this morning. And a check of the morning's

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{"id":24346996,"title":"Pope Back in Public After Another Canceled Event","duration":"2:21","description":"The Vatican says Pope Francis is experiencing exhaustion and advisors are encouraging him to slow down.","url":"/GMA/video/pope-back-public-canceled-event-24346996","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}