Cardinal Dolan on New Pope: 'We Got the Gravy'

Cardinal Timothy Dolan discusses the moment he knew Cardinal Bergoglio was the new pope.
3:19 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for Cardinal Dolan on New Pope: 'We Got the Gravy'
Let's get more on this with one of the men who helped elect the new pope, cardinal timothy dolan of new york. Cardinal, thank you so much for joining us this morning. Good morning, george. I miss you all at home. We're looking forward to having you back. Boy, you called it and predicted before conclave this would all be over by thursday. It doesn't seem to have been a difficult decision. It seemed to be a clear sense of the hole spirit and of one another that this is the way the church needed to go and I'm grateful to god for the grace of direction that he gave us and I'm especially grateful we got a new pope. Alleluia. I shouldn't say that. It's leapt. I know you can't take us inside the voting but the sistine chapel and the moment you knew there was a new pope. Yeah, that's a remarkably emotional experience, george. And even though we weren't surprised because we could see it coming as the votes are slowly tallied and as we've seen the direction that the holy spirit was leading us, but still the moment he got to the number needed, 77, was wonderfully inspirat inspirational. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. What moved me was how the whole natured identity of jorge bergoglio changed and was transformed into pope francis. Here was a man that just a couple hours before we were pouring coffee with and walking through the halls of st. Martha and chatting with and now he's our holy father and pledging our love and allegiance and prayer. It was a beautifully teaching moment when we just sensed what the church and what shepherding and pastoring is all about, george. What could you see on his face as those votes were being counted? He was very serene. He -- and, of course, as it became clear to all of us that he was probably going to be the man, we watched him a little more closely and he was remarkably at peace and did not seem to be rattled, did not seem to agonize over things, just was a man of resignation, which is a beautiful jesuit -- he's a jesuit. The founders of jesuits st. Ignatius was the master in the art of discernment. Pope francis groundbreaking in so many ways, first jesuit pope, first francis pope, also the first pope from latin america. What is the most important thing you think people need to know about pope francis? Well, you know, all the things that you talked about, george, you bet are important but I call them grave, good things on the pasta. What we were looking for was a man of holiness who obviously reflected god to us who was theologically converse apartment, a man who was a goodpaster and a man who was a good communicator and a good leader, a good -- exercised good pastoral governance. When we found that 3457b, where he came from, what his age was, what his background was, that was all gravy and I think we go the not only a good man but good gravy. Safeto. You happy st. Patty's day. I'll miss being inork for our patronal feast day. To y too. More to pope francis.

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{"id":18726944,"title":"Cardinal Dolan on New Pope: 'We Got the Gravy'","duration":"3:19","description":"Cardinal Timothy Dolan discusses the moment he knew Cardinal Bergoglio was the new pope.","url":"/GMA/video/pope-francis-cardinal-dolan-gravy-election-jesuit-pope-18726944","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}