Will Pope Francis Visit US Next Year?

If the pontiff comes to America; which US cities will he visit?
2:24 | 07/27/14

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Transcript for Will Pope Francis Visit US Next Year?
We're going to turn to pope Francis and the fevered talk about a possible visit to the U.S. Cities across the country are vying to host the man who has been electrifying the world. Check it out. He's the pope trying to change the image of the church one kiss -- and one selfie at a time. This morning, widespread speculation about his travel plans for next year. Many wondering is he ready to take a leap of faith and come to America. He has a dedicated and strong following of folks here in the U.S. He'll get a hero's welcome wherever he goes. Reporter: He showed once again why they call him the people's pope. Making a surprise visit to the Vatican cafeteria for lunch. He was on the cover of rolling stone and became "Esquire's" best dressed man. Cities around the world are issuing invites. Including Philadelphia. The mayor of New York City, bill de Blasio, is making a bid on behalf of the big apple. We hope that pope Francis will some day visit the city. Reporter: Even making a personal appearance in Vatican City on Monday. Brothers and sisters. Reporter: Back in 1987, the late pope, John Paul ii, drew a record-breaking crowd of 93,000 at Michigan's pontiac silverdome. Not since then, and perhaps not since the beatles themselves first crossed the pond, has America been this excited about a visitor. This is a poem whose approval ratings are in the high 80% among catholics and noncatholics. Reporter: The Vatican not giving hints. Saying only there have been several invitations that the pope is carefully considering. Keep in mind that we're still one year away from the Philadelphia meeting. Still, so much excitement about this. I covered it when pope Benedict visited years ago. This is going to be more huge. And I believe he'll come at some point. The polls show he's beloved in America by catholics and noncatholics. Nothing fazes new yorkers. I think a visit by the pope would be awesome. We'll be impressed. We're going to move on to a

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"If the pontiff comes to America; which US cities will he visit?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24730979","title":"Will Pope Francis Visit US Next Year?","url":"/GMA/video/pope-francis-visit-us-year-24730979"}