Portland, Oregon Hosts US Air Guitar Championship

Sara Haines reports the buzziest stories in GMA's "Pop News."
3:08 | 08/09/15

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Transcript for Portland, Oregon Hosts US Air Guitar Championship
? ? The techno is playing. All led up to this, Sara. Starting with the little drummer boy over there. Call it mock rock. Air guitar championships in Portland, Oregon, the winner this year, aristotle. That's his name. Getting in loads of how many times can you say this your newscast. That's like a pinocchio gone bad. Yes. There aren't a whole lot of rules in this contest. The one rule, Dan, there are no drums just guitars. You're judged on stage presence and airness. Which I don't know if that's coolness or something. How real you make it appear even though you have no guitar in your hand. Yes. I mean, airness. Of course this is Portland, Oregon. Look like you have a guitar in your hand. They're like all over the place. This is jazz flute if you put both hands on it. And you know Taylor swift has a thing for cats. Do they feel the same thing about her? Check out the instagram she posted with the different reactions she gets from her babies. Hi Hi. Hi. Hi where is your sister. That's love and affection. Where's Meredith? Hi, Meredith. And that's total rejection. Your cats have different personalities. Is that like your cats at all. My cat, I have one cat who doesn't like me at all. Ruby? Ruby. We brought in an expert from the show my cat from hell and we have a better relationship. It's usually the owner's fault. That's the tale of two kitties. And remember the apparently kid, Noah Ritter becoming a celebrity sensation after giving this interview at the fair county. Apparently I went down the slide. Earning him appearances to "Good morning America" and flash forward a year and here's our exclusive update. How have things changed? I turned 6 and I have two iPads. That's our update. He's 6 and he has two iPads. One from Ellen and one from his grand father. I love that kid. We'll be right back with "Good

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Sara Haines reports the buzziest stories in GMA's \"Pop News.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32973890","title":"Portland, Oregon Hosts US Air Guitar Championship","url":"/GMA/video/portland-oregon-hosts-us-air-guitar-championship-32973890"}