Have you ever posted a 'plandid' photo?

The "GMA" anchors discuss the latest photo trend taking over Instagram.
7:48 | 08/08/17

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Transcript for Have you ever posted a 'plandid' photo?
everybody. And we've said it many times before, it's wonderful to have you with us this Tuesday morning. Wonderful to have our audience here in the studio with us in times square this morning. And I have a question for you guys. Everybody here, have you ever heard of a plandid photo. Plandid toto. A newly coined term brought to our attention by "Usa today" referring to when people plan a candid photo. Pl plandid. Takes a picture of, oh, I didn't see you taking my photo. Who is guilty of this. Is anybody guilty of plandid photo? Do we have a couple -- You're guilty. That's my nephew. That's my nephew, jeer myy. Do you do that? I don't. Way to take the heat off yourself, nephew. Will you explain. It's all her. I don't do that. Well, you know, we got examples actually. I think we have one of you. My nephew admitted to that. All right. Now, you know maybe like nephew like aunt that you were plandid a photo. Did you know that was happening. I know, you pull out. I know what you're doing. I did not know they were behind me. Alex and Rennie had no idea they were behind me like that. No, so that was not a plandid. Have you ever done one? No. Have you? I guess -- You didn't expect that question coming up. How about you, come on. I just saw you post one, you spoke with the giants this weekend. I went over there on Saturday. I didn't plan -- no, that was not a plandid photo in I think it was, look at you. See there. Excuse me. I did not plan that. You know how you can tell -- look, he -- that man right there wants to hurt me because of what I'm saying. I don't know if you can go down a little bit to number 24. You don't look happy there. Nobody -- look at Eli apple. That was snacks up top. He'shungry. He looked like he's thinking about anything except for what I'm talking about. What were you talking about. I was talking about it's very easy to show up and do enough but it's the tough -- it doesn't take much more to show up and do more than just enough to be great. And that's what they have to do to be a great team and he didn't listen. He was not interested in my speech, Eli apple. I see that now. But plandid photos is a new thing. Next time you catch yourself doing it, just laugh to yourself. It's a natural word. Good to see you, Jeremiah. Thanks for sneaking in. To our next guest, Oscar winni winning actor starring in "The only living boy in New York," please welcome Jeff bridges. I'm not feeling well, man. I'm not feeling well. Whoo. Hey. Welcome, welcome. I was referring to my nephew. He's an actor and to have you here and my nephew who is just graduated from the new school means a lot. The way you have carried yourself, the roles that you have played. Everything. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. And before we talk about the new movie, be honest with you, have you ever done an interview, we're about to do it right now where you've never been asked about the dude. Very rare. Rare occurrence. But I love the dude, man. Do you ever get sick of it. No. Did you ever get sick of it. Oh, no. Oh, celebrate. What a great movie, huh? I agree. It was on the other day. I watched it. I get hooked. I don't watch my S on TV except like if that comes on, I'll say, well, I'll just wait till Turturro licks the ball and -- look, man. I get hooked, man. You can't stop. Everybody gets hooked. That's why the movie is such a legendary movie and legendary role you made. Those brothers, they know how to do it. Yes, they do in good thing your nephew is here. Just coming out of school and a young boy starting out in new York and you give him some advice. Yeah. Yeah. What was the best advice you got starting out? Well, I'm thinking about that. Your parents, you know, they give you some good advice but what kid wants to listen to their parents? You know. Remember my dad, he wanted all his kids to be actors. He loves showbiz, you know, I said, oh, dad, I don't know. I went into music and painting. Don't be ridiculous. You're going to get to do all that. That's why so wonderful about the acting that you call upon your different interests, you know. So I'm glad I listened to the ole man, you know. Smart. Smart. And speaking, we were talking about celebrating, you and your wife celebrating 40 years together. 40. 4-0. 4-0. Now, somebody was telling me -- somebody was telling me your dance moves hooked her. Was that -- Yeah. I think so. You like to dance. Oh, absolutely. Oh, yeah, and that -- if you're dancing well together, chances are -- It's a morning show. It's a morning show. Yeah, yeah. Well, it's good in the morning. Nations. Thank you. Thank you, yeah. Let's see a little of the movie. She's at an age where defense mechanisms are very strong despite her outer veneer, she's ruled by fear like so many of us, what you need to do, just make her afraid of something more than being with you in that way. Which is? Not being with you. Wow. Speaking of advice right there, that's great advice in love right there. Yeah, yeah. Advice is all over the place. One of your producers here, Eric, this is like advice that we get all the time. Yeah, all of us probably. Have fun. Yes. You know -- That's good, man. We forget. We do forget. If you're alive you can have fun. At a certain age you forget you're allowed to have fun. That's right. In "Iron man," one of my favorite franchises but in "Tron" you kind of created cgi. Oh. So when you were making that movie did you realize that you were changing the movie world? Well, maybe. Oh, you got that thing up. Yeah, that was the first -- the first one we shot it in 70 millimeter black and white. Wow. And then gave it to a bunch of ladies in Korea and they hand tinted every frame. Wow. On the second one, it was actually like being in the real tron world. I was scanned and put into the computer and now they got me, man. Got you forever. Yeah. I mean they scanned you in there and they can see a little Michael, a little Jeff, shake those up. That's what's going to happen. That's going to happen, man. I tell you what, it's to our benefit that we have you forever. I tell you that, my man. Thank you so much. It is "The only living boy in New York". It hits theaters Friday. Make sure you go out and check out Jeff bridges, everybody.

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{"duration":"7:48","description":"The \"GMA\" anchors discuss the latest photo trend taking over Instagram. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49081334","title":"Have you ever posted a 'plandid' photo? ","url":"/GMA/video/posted-plandid-photo-49081334"}