The Power Drink Placebo Effect

ABC News' Nick Watt examines human behavior in the new show, "Would You Fall for That?"
3:06 | 08/02/13

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Transcript for The Power Drink Placebo Effect
this morning. An eye-opening look at human behavior as the social experiment continues on this network. Abc's nick watt, the post of a great, new show, "would you fall for that"? And tonight, you're putting the placebo effect we hear so much about, to the test. That's right, josh. You know we're all about science on this show. Well, not quite. It's a lot of fun, as well. Tonight, the placebo effect, if you think something is going to make you feel better, it might. So, we headed to the beach. We set up a booth on the boardwalk on the beautiful jersey shore one sweltering hot day. And told vacations we're shooting an infomercial for a new energy drink. We had t-shirts and posters. And we had our plane with the banner. And one tiny secret. Wfft is nothing more than water. If you believe an energy drink will make you stronger, it just might. Even if it's just club soda. So, all we did was tear the labels off of club soda bottles and put on our own. Wyfft. "Would you fall for that"? We have the wyfft energy challenge. We're promoting a new drink. It shows immediate results. Who wants to step up and take it? It's totally free. Reporter: First up, we invite our passersby to test their strength. Swing the ballot, try to ring the bell. 7. That's respectable. Not stellar. She's going to give you some wyfft and increase your wyfft. Reporter: He chugs the wyttf. And I tell him convincing nonsense. It was discovered by phillip MONROE, WHO WON THE TOUR de France in 1998. Get those distractions out of your life. Don't punch me. Punch everything else. Reporter: We'll see how much stronger wyfft has made him. Stand back, buys. Keith is on fire. Yeah. Ten. Ten. Ten. Reporter: Ding dong. Just like that, confidence, strong man. If you're wondering if we rigged that high-striker. The answer is absolutely not. It's the placebo effect at work. And he felt it. Also tonight, think one of the most terrifying things I've ever tried to do. I tried to marry a total stranger, someone we pulled off the street. I tried to marry that person to one of our co-hosts. The results, shocking, astonishing, unbelievable.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"ABC News' Nick Watt examines human behavior in the new show, \"Would You Fall for That?\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19850208","title":"The Power Drink Placebo Effect","url":"/GMA/video/power-drink-placebo-effect-19850208"}