Powerball's Half-Billion Dollar Prize: Lotto Success Stories

Linsey Davis talks to past lotto winners about how their lives have changed.
3:00 | 11/28/12

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Transcript for Powerball's Half-Billion Dollar Prize: Lotto Success Stories
all at, tallahassee, florida. That's where the numbers will be picked tonight. Oh, those numbers. If only we could find out which one it is. And what it's really like to be one of the lucky few who wins that big prize. Abc's linsey davis has the story of life after cashing in on the winning ticket. Reporter: They're part of the uber elite club. Only 95 members strong. Starting out with 22. Reporter: All extremely lucky individuals, who, with the help of a giant rotating tub of ping-pong balls, have beaten incredible odds and won a jackpot for $100 million or more. Gabriela. This has your name on it, girl. Reporter: Membership has its privileges. The next inductee will get $500 million payout. That's the net worth of will smith, britney spears, and jennifer aniston combined. With $500 million, you can knock on oprah's california home, tell her you want to buy five o them, and have $75 million to spare. But the luckiest people of all, are those who, years later, haven't managed to go broke. Been married 41 years. I know what to do with this check. Reporter: People like jim and carolyn McCullar, who had a ticket worth $190 million. My kids, my grandkid, my great grandkids and their children also. We're not going to blow this. Reporter: Now, almost two years later, they've managed to do just what they said. They've set up trust funds for their 4 kids and 23 grandchildren, been very generous with donations. And most importantly, haven't blown their millions. And cynthia stafford, who won $112 million hasn't, either. It's a blessing. And people who receive it that way, they tend to keep it. I'm involved with a number of organizations. And it just warms my heart to be able to do these things. Reporter: She's using her payday to pay it forward, big-time. Advice that, for wednesday night's winner, will likely be priceless. For "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. All it takes is a couple dollars and a dream, people. And coming up, we have

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{"id":17825963,"title":"Powerball's Half-Billion Dollar Prize: Lotto Success Stories","duration":"3:00","description":"Linsey Davis talks to past lotto winners about how their lives have changed.","url":"/GMA/video/powerball-jackpot-half-billion-dollar-prize-winning-lotto-17825963","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}