Powerball Jackpot Hit in New Jersey: Who's The Lucky Winner?

A truck driver claims he bought the $338 million dollar prize-winning ticket.
2:21 | 03/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Powerball Jackpot Hit in New Jersey: Who's The Lucky Winner?
Now to the power ball winner, only one, inew jersey, $338 million. A clerk says he talked to the winner. Rob nelson is live from the lucky gas station in new jersey. Good morning, rob. Reporter: Good morning, george. We, believe it or not, have been reporting from this truck stop all weekend long, p by chance. Turns out, a truck driver could have made the luckiest stop of his life here. This morning, the hunt for the winner of the $338 million power ball jackpot is heating up. New details are emerging about the location of the sale and the possible winner himself. That winning ticket was sold right here at love's travel stops in new jersey, according to the owner. I heard we got the winning ticket, I was like, wow. Someone stepped forward and claimed it? I was happy for it. Reporter: The manager of love's, a routine stop for truckers on interstate 295 says it was likely sold to aregular. Go if I were to see his face, I'm sure I would recognize him. He claimed to be a regular in the store. Reporter: The winner reportedly called the store from delaware to say he had the winning ticket. But the call got disconnected. Lottery officials will hold a press conference later today. It's a whole new range of possibilities. More than you have ever had before. It's like christmas on steroids. Reporter: If the mystery man takes the lump sum, that's $211 million in his pocket. He could afford 105 private sub marines, 24 private islands, or 17 vintage ferraris. Dreaming big is part of the power ball fun, even for the more than 80 million of us whose tickets are now worthless. A mansion and a yacht. A car where only I can sit in it, not my kids. Reporter: All good ideas for sure. The winner here in new jersey cannot stay anonymous. We expect some details at the press conference at 10:00 a.M. Eastern time. Robin, back to you. Won't be anonymous for long. All right, rob.

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{"id":18805207,"title":"Powerball Jackpot Hit in New Jersey: Who's The Lucky Winner?","duration":"2:21","description":"A truck driver claims he bought the $338 million dollar prize-winning ticket.","url":"/GMA/video/powerball-jackpot-winning-numbers-jersey-home-winning-ticket-18805207","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}