Pregnant Body Builder Still Lifting at 33 Weeks

Weightlifter Lee-Ann Ellison refuses to stop doing what she loves.
2:43 | 09/21/13

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Transcript for Pregnant Body Builder Still Lifting at 33 Weeks
Lots of women feel big and bloated in the last months of pregnancy. Just moving around can be a chore. I understand. I know that. Nothing but my sympathy. And there's one woman in california staying unusually active in her final week. Pumping iron and stirring up a storm of comments online. Reena ninan is here with details. Did you workout during your pregnancy? I did. But not that. I ran. I got weird looks at the gym. But I run like a baby elephant when I'm not pregnant. That could be it. Every woman wants to feel good about herself, especially when you're pregnant. But for one expecting mom, is getting a lot of attention, for continuing with a workout routine she says makes her feel good. They are the images generating a lot of buzz on the internet. A 33-week pregnant california woman, lifting 75 pounds for exercise. Weightlifting is not -- it's not a joke. It's not for knnewbies. At 20 years old, le-ann ellison started weight lifting competition. Lifting as much as 190 pounds before her pregnancy. Seen here in these facebook pictures, hoisting just 75 pounds, out an abundance of caution. Photos generating more than 16,000 comments. Some people in supportive awe. A superstrong inspiring woman. You go, girl. You look great. Others say, that is incredibly dangerous. Wow. I would not put my baby in danger. Things have changed in a lot in terms of what women can do in exercise. So, weightlifting is okay. There's some limitations. This woman is somebody who has been doing this for a long time. Reporter: There are many women who continue exercising during pregnancy. This 27-year-old woman ran in a chicago marathon at 39 weeks. And gave birth hours later ellison says she refuses to be shamed into stopping what she loves. It's acceptable and healthy for the baby if you continue doing what your body is used to. Reporter: For now, she plans on sticking with her favorite workout routine. Life is dangerous. But I'm not going to stop living it. Reporter: Doctors say never lift weights laying down. And don't start anything you haven't done before your pregnancy. It's really the past four or five years that the research on exercising while pregnant has changed. That's the key. Don't start something that you haven't done before. Exactly. What do they say about running like a baby elephant? Is it good or bad? Never do it on television. That's your next segment. Thanks.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Weightlifter Lee-Ann Ellison refuses to stop doing what she loves.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20327479","title":"Pregnant Body Builder Still Lifting at 33 Weeks","url":"/GMA/video/pregnant-body-builder-lee-ann-ellison-lifting-33-20327479"}