How Pregnant Kate Middleton Spent Her Weekend

Royal watchers are on the edge of their seats as the royal heir is close to arriving.
2:02 | 07/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Pregnant Kate Middleton Spent Her Weekend
We'll have you on. Great to have you back and since you were across the pond why don't we turn to royal baby news, the future king or queen could arrive any day. So many pa anticipating the birth. Kate spending time with her family. Prince william played polo and abc's bianna golodryga has the story. ♪ Reporter: It's week three and the world is literally waiting on edge for kate to go into labor. What pressure for the mom-to-be. No nerves, though, it seems for the royal couple. Kate reportedly spent the weekend in bucklebury while william and harry played polo for their various charities. The father-to-be and uncle harry didn't look like they had a care in the world leaving many to wonder when baby cambridge will finally make its arrival. Everyone in london is getting excited sfwli think william and I think kate is going to be -- they're going to be amazing parents because they're so loving towards children. You see the way they are. Reporter: The palace told abc news william has the next few days off from his search and rescue duties and doesn't have to return to north wales right away. He's expected to take two weeks paternity leave once the baby arrives. The announcement will carry a nod to historical tradition much the formal birth notice which will include the sex and weight will be carried out of the lindo wing of st. Mary's hospital and transported by police escort to buckingham palace. Then it will be displayed on an easel, the same one used when william was born. All of this carried live on tv. And what about all those betting on the baby's name? I think they should go for david if it's a boy. Reporter: So the royal living up to the motto of keep calm and carry on, still the great kate wait continues. The baby expected to be a huge economic boom to the country. 400 million to be precise. The baby could come any day now but for now I am still on royal contraction watch. Well done, bianna.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Royal watchers are on the edge of their seats as the royal heir is close to arriving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19666753","title":"How Pregnant Kate Middleton Spent Her Weekend","url":"/GMA/video/pregnant-kate-middleton-spends-weekend-family-19666753"}