President Jimmy Carter: 'I Consider Myself a Feminist'

In 'A Call to Action,' Nobel Peace Prize winner addresses abuses against women and girls worldwide.
5:33 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for President Jimmy Carter: 'I Consider Myself a Feminist'
Hello I'm Steve -- and Sami in this is newsmakers with ABC news. And Yahoo! News he's our 39 president a Nobel Peace Prize winner. And the author of more than two dozen books and now president Jimmy Carter's written about human rights abuses against women and girls worldwide. It's called a call to action women religion. Violence and power. You ride a lot in your book about women's issues and really are an advocate for for women around the world would you consider yourself. Offense. Williams scored if if you if a feminist is someone who believes that women should not be persecuted and women should have equal rights to men and all aspects of life. Yes I think all of it ought to be feminists -- What about religious leaders and how much on does religion play into them the persecution of women across the will. I think the mission interpretation of religious scriptures. Is one of the -- fall of the abuse of women and girls. Because if husband. Has a wife only if an employer has a female employee. And they city and their religious branches and -- -- that though woman is not equal in the past have been in the eyes of god. Election Day treat their wives equally well -- today -- -- female employees and equal salary. So this penalties in directly at least to the abuse women. You were careful not to single out any particular country. Is the worst offender. Well I think not -- holding in -- -- perhaps most responsible because we have the potential. Quote correctly own mistakes and in Dolan and other colleges and -- very benevolent way. And and helping them to decide on their own initiative. That they can correct some of the problems exist but but no I don't look on any other country in Russia as a villain. -- about a fact in this hemisphere the best country. Paul women's rights it happens to be Nicaragua. And that's judged by business organization called the World Economic Forum for the last seven years they've rated every country on earth. In other women compared to men in the being treated equally. Nicaragua's number seven in the whole world you write in your book about sex trafficking that's one of the topics that you estate apologies are required by the congress to make a reporter a year. And last -- the it trafficking in human beings slaves. -- 32 billion dollars most of which went to the richer countries. And the state -- caller reported that the -- 800000. People -- across international borders. Last year and 80% of those were girls. Being sold into sexual slavery. The United States has about a 100000 girls every year. Sold into bondage as prostitute who gets wishers. And Atlanta Georgia where we are right now -- -- -- and trading post. For this sexual trafficking about 200 to 300 girls -- month. Come -- -- the largest airport on -- here in Atlanta. And a lot of those girls and Atlantic council of Southern Hemisphere. Whether from not Americo -- Africa and with this -- -- -- Not a brothel owner no -- about girl cheaper. -- candy she's a -- to order white girl they can prostitute against her wishes for about a thousand dollars and this goes on every day. In the United States of America -- not -- some remote place in their world problem what should the average person be doing to make. How ever small difference well if it may be told to read the book of -- when like it. Because at the end of the book that 43 things that I spell out -- every American. Ought to be doing. Two ghetto way from this horrible abuse of women and girls and and around the world as well. And operatives. We can make sure that all of college campuses or university campuses. That when the girl is raped. She's encouraged to report a -- -- But only 125. Cases. Of sexual abuse -- university campuses. Including University of Georgia Georgia State University Emory River to IT and Harvard and Yale and so forth. -- reported. Because a college presidents and Deans dole wanted to be known. That jolt of being -- on the college campuses. And we have a same problem in the military. Where we had in 2012 the military reports. That would put -- 6000. Sexual abuse cases. In the military. Only about 300 of those. -- the rapists all the sexual abuse -- punished that's about 1%. And so the problem there is a commanding officers. Of the loans they can either bring on not -- A legal case against the rapists and they decide not to. Because it alone it to be a reflection on themselves and -- leadership to -- the sexual assaulted taken place in on the ship or in that company. Here you're number two on the best sellers list and I'm sure that. You don't hear her to remain there for some time so a lot more people are going to be reading -- -- the first -- should not -- jumped up to number two and and this of fascist one about Bush's haven't gotten knitted top candidates -- -- -- -- eighth book and it's about for the most important. Book of original life.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"In 'A Call to Action,' Nobel Peace Prize winner addresses abuses against women and girls worldwide.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23322232","title":"President Jimmy Carter: 'I Consider Myself a Feminist'","url":"/GMA/video/president-jimmy-carter-feminist-23322232"}