Giant 'Pride and Prejudice' Statue to Tour U.K.

12-foot homage to Colin Firth's role in the BBC adaptation will settle in a significant location.
1:24 | 07/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Giant 'Pride and Prejudice' Statue to Tour U.K.
He's as great today here is one extra -- get to it on and here's why. Because I. Then it was kind of random act very did not letting a twelve -- Yeah you recognize it right away I saw -- I was like that's really -- sexy looks like a creepy ghost coming out of water. Well it doesn't really look like Darcy -- go ahead that's. A twelve foot tall stacks statue of mister Darcy who pride and prejudice. It's been installed temporarily in Hyde Park London -- in the most glorious part of all of London. In the in the Laker -- college first yeah yeah I guess south and their -- adaptation may recognize Richard I Darcy played by -- In the mini series -- a -- the romantic hero just. 302. Months to make it it's gonna actually -- statues -- -- -- in the UK and then we'll settle in Cheshire. Where the unforgettable scene was actually found. The lake seen was created because of a survey which deemed it to be the most memorable TV drama moments ever be possible it. Never mind that the remaining -- doesn't actually happening in Jane austen's original clock no doubt they would scandalized readers that the time is still make for some great TV I don't you can take that -- and -- -- -- -- Jason apart. I've -- that is what I idol lancry is not his really -- what I got -- a text. What. It's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- its eyes and Israel at the defending hit on the head and as the years cares and knows that the real.

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{"id":19617476,"title":"Giant 'Pride and Prejudice' Statue to Tour U.K.","duration":"1:24","description":"12-foot homage to Colin Firth's role in the BBC adaptation will settle in a significant location.","url":"/GMA/video/pride-prejudice-mr-darcy-statue-tour-uk-19617476","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}