Prince Harry a Hit on His American Tour

His royal highness is the ultimate ambassador for his grandmother while visiting the U.S.
1:51 | 05/13/13

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Transcript for Prince Harry a Hit on His American Tour
prince harry's american tour. He's gone from the white house to cheering on wounded troops at the warrior games in colorado. Reporter: He's britain's people's prince. This ing, on an american charm offensive. The third in line to the throne spent his fourth day on tour of the u.S. Looking more like a politician than a prince. Helping host the wounded warrior games in colorado. Go, go, go. Reporter: Posing for pictures. Tossing a football. Even cooing over a baby, perfect practice for the soon to be uncle. The last time he was here, his antics made headlines while he made a splash in a vegas pool. This week end, the closest he got to the water was teasing missy franklin. I had no idea about the birthday cake or the singing. I asked him if he would help me eat it. He said no. I gotta do it by myself. Reporter: The now more mature royal spent time here honoring veterans. I saw the bravery of our troops confront iing danger on the battlefield. Reporter: He realizes this time, having cameras around will help his cause and his image. It's not always great having them around. Today, get a message out to every country. Reporter: Not bad for a weeke weekend's work. The prince heads to new york city and new jersey. Touring some of superstorm sandy's hardest-hit towns. Forget the motor cade. He'll be arriving here on an iconic double-decker bus. Promoting brand britain. Good for harry and good to

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{"id":19166670,"title":"Prince Harry a Hit on His American Tour","duration":"1:51","description":"His royal highness is the ultimate ambassador for his grandmother while visiting the U.S.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harry-us-tour-british-royal-charms-americans-19166670","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}