Prince Harry Hits Home Run with NY Children

His royal highness played baseball in NYC and toured Sandy damage with Gov. Christie in New Jersey.
2:47 | 05/15/13

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Transcript for Prince Harry Hits Home Run with NY Children
Now to prince harry taking america by storm. Drawing clouds everywhere he goes from the jersey shore with governor chris christie to his home run at harlem baseball field, harry is a big hit on this side of the pond. Abc's bob woodruff joins us with the latest. Good morning, bob. Reporter: Good morning, amy. You know the prince is now on his last day of his seven-day american tour. He is heading up to connecticut for his polo match later this afternoon. So far he's been on a very successful trip. You may actually remember that the last time he visited the u.S. He was photographed naked partying at a hotel room in las vegas. But this time, he has shown his charm. Overnight at a fund-raiser in manhattan, prince harry talked about sharing his love of sports with american children through his charity. I visited a project in harlem this afternoon as you already heard and met many of these young people whose lives are being changed through the power of sports. Reporter: Earlier tuesday harry roared into new york and hit a home run with some of those young people. Oh, my god. Reporter: The high-spirited prince playing the quintessential american game, number one for an adoring american crowd on the field and off. Busing in a bit of london to the big apple. His new york romp coming hours after a more serious side of the prince touring parts of the new jersey coast ravaged by superstorm sandy. Governor chris christie as his guide. Everyone getting together and making things right is fantastic. Reporter: Girls of all ages trying to get a look at the prince. Harry turning on the charm for several youngsters hitting the arcade to help a little girl win this stuffed elephant. She named it harry. He's really handsome. And he's really nice. He has a nice personality. Reporter: When asked if he made a difference so far on his royal tour -- me, no. Yes, we love having him. Now, his polo match later today is a benefit for his charity sentchlth ebale he founded in south africa in lesotho. 400 invites to the game this afternoon and they will be extremely very well -- yes, important to note that. You met with the prince last night. You make it sound very official at a small reception. I did get to talk to him. He said, bob, he's worried about today's polo event because he hasn't been on a horse in a year and he said that you might want to bet on him fauxing off because it's incredibly likely but -- yeah, he's excited. He's a good player. Like riding a bike, that polo. Smart guy lowering expectations as always. Here raising money, royal foundation giving lots of money to lots of great causes. Lara met the

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{"id":19182392,"title":"Prince Harry Hits Home Run with NY Children","duration":"2:47","description":"His royal highness played baseball in NYC and toured Sandy damage with Gov. Christie in New Jersey.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harry-us-tour-british-royal-hits-home-19182392","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}