Little Girl Rejects Kiss from Prince William, Kate Starts Knitting

The duke and duchess of Cambridge joined Prince Charles in Scotland.
2:39 | 04/05/13

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Transcript for Little Girl Rejects Kiss from Prince William, Kate Starts Knitting
We turn to prince william and duchess kate out with prince charles and kate has been spilling new details about how the couple is getting ready for the royal baby. Abc's lama hasan joins us with the latest this morning. Good morning, lama. Reporter: Good morning to you, lara. Well, we've got the inside scoop for you this morning. We spoke with the royal reporter who was right there and she heard kate reveal all of those baby secrets, when the baby is due and you'll never guess what kate's been up to trying to stay busy before the baby arrives. This morning, for the first time since the pregnancy was announced the royal trio stepping out together, prince charles showing william and kate a project dear to his heart, a new outdoor sports facility for children in scotland. The royal couple have been working the crowd on their two-day trip visiting a homeless shelter and a sports venue. In between shooting hoops, this momma-to-be is one sporty royal, fiercely competitive. And while kate was a hit with the well-wishers -- oh, no. Reporter: William, not so much. The brushoff leaving the second in line to the throne a little more cautious. I got turned away after kissing one child so that was it. Reporter: Kate keeping that growing baby bump under wraps beneath that tartan coat. She wasn't able to stay mum about the baby. We found out loads about the royal baby, absolutely loads. Kate is having her baby in mid-july, previously we just knew it was sometime in july. Reporter: If the duchess of cambridge who is now six months pregnant needs baby advice she can always turn to the queen. Watch this just released home video of the young monarch playing around with a nappy. As he's buttoned up in his coat she surprises him by playing peekaboo. Times have changed especially when it comes to baby names. We also found out that they have a short list of baby names for a boy and a girl and that their friends keep texting them suggestions. Reporter: Kate will be putting her feet up a month before the due date. What is she going to be dog it seems is knitting. Reporter: But kate also admitted that she's not really very good at knitting. But you know what, don't worry, kate, you have plenty of time to practice. As for the little girl who rejected prince william's kiss. She promises to make it up to him when I get big. Gang, back to you. I love it. Thank you so much, lama. I like that.

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{"id":18887350,"title":"Little Girl Rejects Kiss from Prince William, Kate Starts Knitting","duration":"2:39","description":"The duke and duchess of Cambridge joined Prince Charles in Scotland.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-william-kissing-video-girl-rejects-royals-kiss-18887350","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}