Prison Break: Convicts Escape from Jail on Bed Sheets

Two convicted bank robbers broke out of a federal prison by tying bed sheets together.
2:33 | 12/19/12

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Transcript for Prison Break: Convicts Escape from Jail on Bed Sheets
For "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. Now, two bank robbers who staged a daring break-out from federal prison in chicago. Tying bedsheets together to hong out of a window to make their getaway. Amazing how they were able to pull this off. The two inmates who have been on the run for 24 hours, are the first to escape from the federal facility in over 20 years. Overnight, we learned more details on how they escaped, fooling the guards, giving them a possible nine-hour head start. This morning, a massive manhunt is under way in illinois, for two cell mates that plotted and pulled off a brazen escape slyke something out of the movies. The duo tied up bedsheets into a rope. In the real escape, they added a makeshift harness to repel down this penitentiary in downtown chicago. They gave it a lot of thought. Reporter: According to court documents, joseph banks and kenneth conley, were last seen locked up at 10:00 p.M., During a headcount. It's believed the two stuffed their clothes in the shapes of bodies, and broke through the wind, shimmying out a hole only inches wide. And scaled down the side of the building, at 20 stories up. At 7:00 a.M.He next morning, when employees arrived at work, they noticed the sheets dangling from the building. Conley and banks were missing. We don't know if they're armed at this point. But we consider them armed and a danger to the community. Reporter: This guy, banks, is one of the most successful bank robbers chicago has seen in years. Here he is, jumping over the counter, wearing what is believed to be used clothing. Earning him the name the second-hand bandit. Court records reveal, after more than 20 bank robberies, he got close to $600,000, with the feds still trying to recover more than $500,000 of it. With all that money unaccounted for, the duo could be using it to help them get away. Just hours after the escape, the fbi said they stormed into a house south of chicago. No one was there. But the fbi believes they missed banks and conley by just a few hours. But now, authorities say the trail has gone cold. They have to be getting help from somebody, right? Don't they think? They don't . But with all that money out there, that could help them get away. Thanks so much. Let's turn, now, to sam champion, for a look at the

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{"id":18013870,"title":"Prison Break: Convicts Escape from Jail on Bed Sheets","duration":"2:33","description":"Two convicted bank robbers broke out of a federal prison by tying bed sheets together.","url":"/GMA/video/prison-break-convicted-bank-robbers-escape-jail-climb-18013870","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}